Steve Sailer’s Weight Loss Secrets

Steve writes: I’m down to 174 pounds from a spike up to 220 in 2015 during Merkel’s Mistake. I have to say that my weight loss secret seems to be non-mindfulness. Rather than be mindful of just how much I love Twinkies, the secret is to never ever think about Twinkies so that I don’t remember how much I miss them. The secret to a protein and fat diet seems to be to never ever eat sugar and starch, because they just makes me hungrier so I then eat too much protein and fat. Just don’t touch sugar and starch and try to forget about their existence.

So, basically, my latest diet is to not remind myself that these delicious foods exist. So don’t take just a little pizza and then try to use my willpower not to take any more. I don’t have much willpower, but I do have strong powers of overlooking and being distracted.

Sugar & starch tend to make me instantly hungrier, so even if I just eat one slice of pie, then I will eat too much of my usual protein and fat staples.

So, best is to not get started on sugar and starch.

It seems to be working at the moment, but maybe I’m wasting away with tuberculosis like a 19th Century garrett-dwelling bohemian? It doesn’t seem that way, but who knows?

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