The New Right: A Journey to the Fringe of American Politics By Michael Malice

Here are some excerpts from this new book:

* Yet eugenics is practiced every single day all over the world. It is practiced in its horrific sense, as with selective-gender abortion and the killing of female infants in societies that view male children as more desirable. But it’s also practiced in populations with low genetic diversity (this is not a slur or a euphemism), such as Hasidic Jews. The Hasidic Jewish community, due to inbreeding, has a higher than average rate of genetic diseases such as Tay-Sachs. Yet there’s a workaround. As Tablet magazine reports, “After conducting genetic screening, [an organization called] Dor Yeshorim assigns identification numbers that correspond to its clients’ genetic data. Before or soon after meeting, potential partners exchange ID numbers and dial an automated hotline to check genetic compatibility—a phone call that almost always determines if a relationship will move forward or end.”

As of 2012 approximately 67 percent of infants with Down syndrome have been aborted. Does that mean that inside the breast of every expectant mother beats the heart of a Nazi eugenicist? This subject has become so riddled with taboo and outrage that it has led to some truly odd outcomes. In 2014 Fredrick Brennan authored an opinion piece titled “Why I Support Eugenics.” Brennan was the founder of the message board 8chan (“Twice as good as 4chan!”), and suffers from Osteogenesis imperfecta. As a result of this genetic disease, he has severely stunted growth and is confined to a wheelchair—hence his handle of “Hotwheels.” The common name for Brennan’s condition is “brittle bone disease.”

It is heartbreaking to read his contention that Osteogenesis imperfecta “is one of the most painful conditions in the world” knowing that he’s speaking from firsthand experience. Many know the extreme pain of breaking a bone once or twice in one’s life. Few have to endure that pain over and over, or the stress of living in constant fear about when it will happen again. Brennan suggests offering carriers of extreme genetic diseases like his a cash sum in order to undergo sterilization, arguing that this would save millions in future medical costs alone. Such genetic testing is easily done, and in his view this would be a very humane way to make sure no child has to live a life where they will never know the fun of running around outside due to Osteogenesis imperfecta. “Eugenics is a humanitarian idea,” he concludes, “not a national socialist one.”

So where did Brennan run this piece? A page as far from removed from humanitarianism as possible: the neo-Nazi site Daily Stormer. “I could find no other publication which would publish this article,” Brennan reveals, “and I am far from a neo-Nazi.” For the evangelical left, those who suffer largely exist as mechanisms for others’ salvation, but not as beings with consciences of their own—or more precisely, they are allowed to have their own conscience if and only if it fits into their salvation model. Else, they can be considered as corrupted.

* One of the first “out” gay people, Quentin Crisp (1908–99), agreed. As recounted in The Independent, “In 1997, he told The Times that he would advise parents to abort a foetus if it could be shown to be genetically predetermined to be gay: ‘If it (homosexuality) can be avoided, I think it should be.’” And while there are many parents who genuinely don’t care if their child is gay or straight, there are plenty who, if given the chance in private, would opt for the same preference as O’Donnell or Crisp.

MND comments:

Malice’s book is OK. He has a decent understanding of The New/Dissident/Alt – Right, and so far has given their views an infinitely more charitable representation than you’d find from any mainstream rag or journalist, but I’m 10 Chapters in and things are starting to fall apart.

His recounting of and subsequent 1 line rebuttals to the main arguments in Buchanan’s “Death of the West”, are paper thin and often non sequiturs; pointing to wrong predictions … but were wrong in so far as they underestimated how bad things would get.

Malice at one point even uses IRAQ as an example (one Buchanan to my knowledge never does) of a Nation that could be said to have “died” recently and says “well it didn’t die for any of the reasons Buchanan is predicting the West will “die” so these are bad predictions!” It’s like one patient dies of a heart condition so you tell another who has cancer he’ll be fine.

At one point he responds to Buchanan’s lamentation of Japanese abysmal birthrates and the degradation of their traditional culture yielding to westernization post WW2 by saying “well they have tentacle porn so they’re still unique in some meaningful way!!”

He basically (so far) hand-waves away the central postulate that “demographics are destiny” and doesn’t even anticipate the 1 hope the dissident right has in the short term; that the coalition of white liberals, jews and various POCs is fragile to the point of breaking before establishing political hegemony.

Grazz comments:

I am honestly quite thankful to see Luke’s responses to Michael’s various commentaries. During the Jared Taylor part of the book he put forth all these post interview rebuttals that I felt were utterly idiotic to the point I was actually getting angry reading them.

This book is trash, the interviews are good but literally all the insights and commentary are pure trash. Combine that with various quotes and what not it felt like he was just trying to extend the length of the book without actually adding any content but where he could actually add content he simply chose not to. He was on the ground for the charlottesville insanity but his commentary on what it was actually like amounts to saying his friend got his hat knocked off…. Dude the police drove a group 1/10th its size into an angry mob and no comments on rooftop snipers, no commentary on how the media was trying to imply a police helicopter crash was a result of the the demonstration, no commentary on how the counter protesters were there illegally. This book is just massively disappointing. Take for example the segment on Jim Goad, he spends pages explaining who he is and his back story but his actual conversation with him amounts to a page worth of dialogue…. What???? It’s like this for everyone. A discussion with jared taylor could be an entire book but Jared’s actual words only make up a page or 2…..

This book isn’t even good for a normie’s guide. It’s also not good for someone in opposition to the right as its not detailed enough. This is just a bad book.

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