JewAmongYou: CNN executives murder Jewish woman in San Diego

JewAmongYou blogs:

Is John Earnest a CNN executive? Not exactly, but he is a product of CNN (and other fake news networks) policies. He is a product of Facebook policies, and of Quora policies.

While these companies are all too eager to discuss the shortcomings of whites, real or perceived, they do not allow any criticism of non-white groups or of Jews.

As a result, they’ve surrendered any such discussions to groups such as Stormfront and Vanguard Network.

While there’s some valid criticism to be found on those forums, much of it speaks of Jews as if we’re a monolithic entity. Much of it encourages blind hatred against people based solely on their ethnic background.

If we had a respectable mainstream media, which was willing to openly discuss issues affecting whites, including the open hostility so many of my co-ethnics have toward whites, then perhaps Mr. Earnest would have found more constructive venues for his frustrations. Perhaps he would have even known that Chabad (same as “Lubavitch”) members tend to be politically conservative; they’re not anti-white generally speaking – though some of their dogma is anti-goy. I think most white people would find Chabadnicks to be excellent neighbors.

What has Mr. Earnest accomplished through this horrific deed?

He has given more ammunition to the Establishment Left (CNN and their ilk) for their war against whites.
He might have created animosity against whites, among Jews, where there was none before.
He has taken an innocent life, and affected the lives of other negatively.
He has destroyed his own life.
He has given yet more ammunition to the anti-gun forces – except that this happened in California, where, theoretically, it “couldn’t” have happened.
He has added a level of fear among a harmless demographic, which does not deserve to live in fear.

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