At Our Wit’s End

Mitt emails: On Luke Ford show while reviewing Edward Dutton show, Kevin Michael Grace surmised pop culture has gotten dumber because of falling IQ.

Probably not. Take Japan. It used to make great films and produced a number of first-rank writers. But by the late 60s, the power of TV destroyed the film industry and 80% of all movies made were porn. And by the 80s, Japanese culture had become mostly pop idol music and cartoons. How did Japanese culture become so stupid even though its IQ didn’t drop?

Combination of TV, youth culture, complacency, decadence, and materialism made everything shallower and sillier.

Also, the rising new norm shamelessness made pop culture more vulgar and animal. Even a smart person, if raised in a culture of shameless vulgarity, will turn animal. Maturity isn’t same as intelligence. An person of average intelligence can be remarkably serious and mature, and a person of high IQ can be trash, vain, and shallow… like that Sirius radio Jewish oligarch who is really a man but prances around as a ‘woman’.

While overall IQ may have fallen in the West, there are still lots of smart people at the top. Also, brain-drain from the Third World added Asian brains to the West. And yet, the culture had gotten so stupid. Why? Decadence, youth culture, hedonism, and stupidity.

In contrast, Iran is a repressive nation with lower IQ, and yet its overall culture is more mature because the authorities do not allow rampant youth culture, hedonism, and degeneracy to run wild.

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