#204 3-27-19 Facebook Bans White Nationalism

Transcript of part of Wednesday’s discussion:

00:00 Facebook Bans White Nationalism
18:00 Budget cuts to Special Olympics
20:00 Theresa May ready to quit after Brexit deal passes
21:00 Russia says troop deployment to Venezuela fully legitimate
23:00 Dissident Right & HBD
26:00 Gay rights under Islam
32:00 What is cultural marxism?










Biden hates white culture: https://apnews.com/73e70d011191490d839683b1fc89363f

As Russia collusion fades, Ukrainian plot to help Clinton emerges




Kyle: Kevin, first I have a question for you, you talked about how I was obsessed with the idea of these dissident right people who were threatening me. Then Luke mentioned to you something very obvious to anyone in this space- [that these threats are being made]
KMG: You’re like one of these celebrities who carries on about the haters – I got death threats, so that means my position is right and no-one is allowed to be against it!
Kyle: Wrong!
KMG: You always argue from the particular to the general.
Kyle: You implied that that wasn’t the case, that that wasn’t the case in this space, so you were wrong, right?
KMG: I don’t care about the crazy people in the chat. I’m talking about the people who are speaking.
Kyle: The people who told me to polish my passport? Matt talked about how I should be ready to leave the country, I think Brundle has made allusions to it though I don’t know whether he said it very specifically, but yes, people in the hangout, and there have been people in the hangout before who were much more ‘fringe’ than the people here right now.
Brundlefly: The thing is Kyle, you’re mixing it up in nationalist circles, ok, and by its very nature nationalism is going to look at you as an outsider, a man with three passports, or two at least, I don’t even know if you are a citizen of the united states yet, but you have stealth declared that you have two foreign passports. So, like, it is very irritating for you to lecture actual American nationals about what it means to be an American, it is beyond the pale, frankly.
Kyle: I am an American citizen, that is one of my [two] passports.
Brundlefly: You’re not an American national.
Brundlefly: Ruston, there is no question that our people were weak in response to the pressure applied by the outgroup. I don’t think weak Christian leaders, in a vacuum, are deciding, you know what, we no longer want to be Christian. It’s that you have Atheist Jews, anti-Christian Jews, pushing to do these things, and there were Christians who gave in. No question, we have a problem, this is the thing. Counter-Semetism or whatever you want to call it, telling Jews to shove it up their ass when they push anti-Christianity and things that are bad for us, is what has been missing, it’s what we used to have. The ability to identify the Jew as a Jew, as being separate from the Christian. This was my point which I originally made to Kyle. When we are defined, Jew vs White or Jew vs Gentile or Jew vs Christian, however you want to cut it up, when the Jew is distinguished, it is not good for the Jew.
Kyle: The process whereby Christians became left-wing predated atheism, predated prominent Jewry, Christians were turning left well before that was even an issue, like the Quakers, like the Puritans, they were turning left, there was this energy behind left wing policies that actually initiated when you had basically Christian nations, so no I don’t think it is about the Jews.
Kevin: So there’s no agency, there’s never any agency is there Kyle?
Kyle: I am precisely saying that there IS agency, you continually twist my words to mean exactly the opposite of what I said, I am saying there is agency, Jews did not rob them of their agency, Jews were not in charge of what happened, it was the Christians who were in charge, the Christians had agency, they decided to move the way that they moved and they have responsibility.
Brundlefly: Something I want to make clear to Kyle that he might not be aware of, is I do have a Jewish wife, so you may put me in the box of some neo-Nazi who wants to do terrible things to all Jews, and it’s just not the case. What I’m primarily concerned with is stopping Jewish malfeasance, because I think as Luke and Kevin and everybody knows, the Jews, and I guess Ruston with the rear-guard action wants to deny, but Jews have had a terrible influence on our culture through Cultural Marxism attacking Christianity, promoting feminism, homosexual rights, and so forth… Mass immigration, and it’s like, these are the things for which I resent Jewish influence. If they were like, a benign actor as an elite, who would care? I mean, the Anglo-Saxons, I guess, we talked about this last week, or earlier this week, the Norman yoke.. Who cares from the peasant perspective if the elites are good to them?
And this is why I say, like, what exactly is the value proposition that Jews offer? They offer nothing but degeneracy. They offer nothing but hostility against the host population. They want to atomize us, they want to destroy our traditions, they want to cause our daughters to miscegenate with Africans, OK? If you don’t act right, something is going to happen. And I know you can like sit there with your ‘whip hand’ and your big smile, and I am telling you, for my sake, for my son’s sake, for my wife’s sake, your sake, you need to be quiet. You need to sit back and reflect on your Jewish triumphalism, because it’s really gonna have a ton of negative consequences for you and your people.
Melchy: I’m gonna moderate what Brundle said, just to dial it down a bit because that’s my role here. Kyle, you talked a minute ago about American Christians sort of liberalizing over those, 18th, 19th, 20th centuries and that’s sort of true, we did all that. Like, we did that, among ourselves, because we had a coast-to-coast Christian nation and we decided to experiment with freedom and inter-Christian trust. And it was into that scene, onto that stage, that people like Adorno showed up, looked around, and thought well here’s a subvertible people. And that thing, that is fraud, like that is a lie, and this is all I want. I don’t want Jews expelled, I don’t want whatever Brundle just said, I just want them to be seen in clear, real terms. You’re the one always talking about reality, Kyle. I just, people don’t know! They don’t know the reality. And it’s not, you’re using the term, not schizophrenic, but insane in the chat, it’s not schizophrenic to want people to know what’s actually going on. People don’t know this stuff, people don’t know this. I mean, that’s what’s so sort of enthralling about this scene to me. I just can’t believe it, I can’t believe the stuff I have learned in the past 5 years. And I am telling you, most Christians out there, the liberal ones, the liberal ones especially, met some kid in 7th grade who seemed real cool, cuz he was an atheist. That’s what he told them, I’m an atheist, and he’s gonna smoke with them and stuff. And guess what, it’s not that he was an atheist, he was a Jew. That happens over and over again, and that level of subversion, that ‘passing’ that you can do that you don’t get to see what the Jewish person is, you don’t get to see it – like, this is a huge advantage. It’s a huge advantage. And the Jews know this, and they play on it and take advantage of it. And it’s fraud. It’s un-truth.
Kyle: So, I just want to say, Melchy, your view of coast-to-coast Christian unity is patently absurd. What you had were Christian groups that were radically different in the South vs Puritans and Quakers in the North, who had radically different views on where the country should go, that erupted into violence a lot of the time… I often allude to this advertisement that was placed by the Puritan colonizers in England, sort of telling you what the sort of people they wanted were, and it was a picture of a native american squaw with the caption ‘save us.’ So, differences among Christians go back very very far, and this is precisely the sort of thing that I mean, there is this delusion that before the Jews came, it was all peachy, and that’s what I mean by anti semitism, it’s delusion about how the Jews influenced things. And this extreme exaggeration of how everything was perfect, and then the Jews came along. That’s what I mean by anti semetism, it’s basically this cognitive distortion that makes the Jews vastly more relevant than they were, and makes the world before the Jews some sort of idyllic paradise, when it just wasn’t.
Kevin: You just agreed with what Biden said and now you’re saying the opposite! Arguing with you is like arguing with a Communist.
Kyle: Wrong, Kevin, I agreed with what Biden said, I am not shifting ground one little bit, I say that Jews are disproportionately influential, and they don’t make up the dominating force in the United States. 11% of Senators, 1/3rd of Nobel Prize winners, very disproportionate, but they don’t make up a dominating force in the United States. A disproportionate influence, but not a dominating force that is has its boot on the neck of American gentiles.
Kevin: Can you imagine some other group in the United States or in Britain saying, we have decided that the phrase Cultural Marxism cannot be used? Can you imagine anyone else having the gall to do this and what’s more amazing, it appears to be working?
Kyle: I mean, sure, people can have the gall all the time to talk about how various phrases are slurs, you have a lot groups in the US talk about how various phrases are slurs, rather prominently actually, fairly marginalized groups actually can say ‘this word is a slur you can’t use it’ and actually have that work, so yes that can happen. I don’t like that process, I like freedom of speech, but that does happen and it’s not at all isolated to the Jews, and this is another example of basically cognitive distortion when it comes to Jews, viewing them as unique in a way that they never are. And it’s conflation of complete Jewish dominance, with disproportionate Jewish influence. This is the cognitive distortion that I am talking about, this is precisely the sort of stuff that puts people on the fringe, and damages the right because it makes it conflated with people who seem very dangerous to Jews, and rightly seem very dangerous to Jews.
Kevin: You are not a rightist, Kyle, you are a libertarian, and libertarianism is an offshoot of Manchester liberalism. You are not a rightist, you are not a conservative, I don’t see that you are in any position to speak for the right in any sense.
Salty Sage: I was gonna help with the rear-guard action, go full rear-guard action with Ruston, and Kyle, I guess, but you know… You have to look at internal causes. You’re never going to advance yourself or your people if you’re always externalizing all of your problems. Not to say that there are never external problems, but if you always say, oh it’s them, it’s not me, then you’re never going to, you’re going to stagnate. You’re just trying to develop like a magic key, like we used to talk about. And y’know, we gotta remember, our dear fed father, Rodney Martin, RIP, that’s what he would talk about, huh? OK? Boomer Kyle?
Brundlefly: I can accept a non-white member of the elite that actually cares about the people, that’s all it is. I mean, this is the problem I think with Jewish elites in Christian nations, is that the cultural hostility just cannot be mitigated.
Melchy: You know what else, Brundle, Kyle’s, like, mania to rule, is, I feel like most of us could agree, why does it have to be an octopus with its arms all the way around the earth, couldn’t we break this up into smaller sovereignties so there could be more and more local ruling? I mean, why does it have to be this international elite, which really it doesn’t feel any affinity for or association with any particular state, or people. Is that a natural phenomenon, Kyle, do you think, there can only be one and that’s why we need international rule?
Kyle: Well, no, I don’t think that there can only be one that rules them all. And I think that in the global context, Jews are even less of a dominating force than they are in the national context of the US. They are a disproportionate force but in no way a dominating force. And their interests are regularly disregarded when it comes to various foreign affairs. Russia does not really care that their policies in Syria are not perfectly in line with the national security interests of Israel. They have their own interests, and they plow forward with them, and Israel must make way before the bigger fish. That’s the reality of geopolitics, there’s always a bigger fish.
In terms of what Monsieur was saying, I am broadly sympathetic to what you might call prole resentment of elites, and I am always talking about how open borders are bad, and about how it’s terrible that you have these elites, white jewish asian elites who talk about how horrible and racist the white working class is, while themselves not immersing themselves in the diversity that the white working class faces. So I am talking about that. But there is this very specific group, which is overrepresented here, which is a group like I said probably around 50,000 strong, which is at this point responsible for on the order of 70 deaths –
Brundefly: Wow!
Kyle: And when you translate that into murder rate, it’s a lot worse than El Salvador, the country with the highest murder rate in the world. El Salvador has 83 per 100,000, and this would have the equivalent of around 120 per 100k, it’s a very violent group and it’s not representative of prole whites. To make it representative of prole whites is to insult gravely those prole whites. I absolutely believe the white working class is infinitely better than the 50,000 strong group of anti semites.

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