Facebook Bans White Nationalism

Monsieur writes:


When I was 20, I came upon a very unpleasant fellow ranting and raving about the evils of the elite. And the crux of it? The vast American empire, which was carefully hidden from view with platitudes about freedom and democracy.

I dismissed him as a madman and a crank. After all, even the simplest schoolchild learned about American imperialism and the empire. Only a fool would be mindblown by that.


The effect of the modern educational system is to keep the proles in a state of perpetual ignorance. This is another step in creating a system of total information control.

For the Inner Party, nothing is forbidden. I have Camp of the Saints, the Manifesto, and other banned books. I discuss HBD, immigration, badthink ideas. The vast libraries of Western Civilization are open to me.

On the novel The Diamond Age, regarding the lifestyle of the Equity Lords:
The most important quality to achieving an “interesting life” is deemed to be a subversive attitude towards the status quo.

Anyways. In 1984, to gain admission to the Inner Party, one must read the forbidden book. As I say, there is heresy in the Cathedral. Or as someone has noted, the only people buying the Turner Diaries at his bookstore were SWPLs. Do you think the Red Duke, Jageillon, was ignorant of the true poverty of the Soviet Regime?

Of course, Orwell got a few things wrong.

The Red Duke is not policed by other szlachta. The Inner Party is not policed by the Inner Party. Recall the Outer Party. They are deprived of information and forced to live the message of Ingsoc to a fanatical extent. Would this make them cynical? No, of course not.

It makes the true believer. And what the true believer wants more than anything is to burn the heretic. It is not the Inner Party that polices the Outer Party. It is the Outer Party that polices the Inner Party. The Emperor kneels outside the Pope’s door. The Red Duke must be careful for the eye of the political commissar, these useless fellows chosen for the ideological purity.

And, of course, Orwell was wrong about the standard of living. It turns out hunger makes men revolutionary while plenty makes them fat and indolent.

Enjoy the soma, Luke. I know I do.

From the WSJ:

Facebook Inc. FB -1.08% said it would begin banning content that praises or represents white nationalism and white separatism on its Facebook and Instagram platforms next week.

Facebook has been under fire globally for failing to take sufficient
action against hate speech and misinformation on its site. Pressure on
Facebook is mounting following a live stream of the New Zealand mosque
massacre, which prompted the country’s prime minister to call for
overhauling New Zealand’s social-media laws.

The social-media giant previously only restricted users from
supporting white supremacy. The company said Wednesday that after
talks with academics and civil groups over the past three months, it
determined white nationalism and separatism can’t be separated from
white supremacy and other hate groups.

“We didn’t originally apply the same rationale to expressions of white
nationalism and separatism because we were thinking about broader
concepts of nationalism and separatism—things like American pride and
Basque separatism, which are an important part of people’s identity,”
the company said on its website. “It’s clear that these concepts are
deeply linked to organized hate groups and have no place on our

Facebook said Wednesday it needs to improve on finding and removing
hate from its platforms. The company also said it would start
redirecting people who search for terms associated with white
supremacy to Life After Hate, an organization that helps people leave
hate groups.

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