The Yellow Peril

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* I’ve had two nephews marry Asian girls. I tried to get some of this info out of them in a discreet way without ruining Thanksgiving. I found out:

1.) Parents don’t care if they marry white guys because they consider western culture to be reasonably functional. I mean the kids grow up practicing Bach 6 hours a day so clearly they don’t have contempt for westerners. However parents would flip out if they brought home a black guy.

2.) On our side of the family, my brother really didn’t care, my sister in law seemed slightly perturbed but nothing too bad. I think it was the same deal for them.

3.) Asian girls are just killin’ it in the dating/marriage market. They have access to the top cohort of both the whites and Asians. I think the high AF outmarriage rates are just because they can get whomever the heck they want. I think this is because WF have damaged their brand, so to speak, by things like pussy hat marches. I don’t think WF realize how off putting stuff like that is to most men. You don’t want to come home at the end of a long day to someone who seems to prioritize abstract social causes over the immediate family, or views you as ‘the enemy.’

4.) My 5 grand-nephews range from looking mostly asian to looking like dark haired whites. Two of them just look like darker haired Bavarians to me. None of them look totally Asian because they all have brown hair, although it will probably darken with age.

* USA’s legacy Japanese population, which arrived in the early 20th century, has more or less vanished – blended into the mass of American whites by rates of intermarriage greater than 50%.

* I consider myself an Anglo-American separatist and would prefer a country with a strong White majority (>90%). That said, I live in a mostly Chinese neighborhood in SF and under Chinese rule you can at least go about your daily life without being ‘molested’. Yes, in China proper there’s no real Western rule of law, but my experience with the American-ish Chinese isn’t half bad. They’re generally friendly and congenial neighbors. In fact, if it were only the Chinese in our neighborhood (ie no risk of schizophrenic homeless people wandering in) I would have no problems with my wife walking to the corner store alone at 10 pm. Needles to say, this is much, much better than my experience growing up next to a Black neighborhood and going to half Black schools.

* I’m very curious about the attitudes about this among the Chinese. It seems deracinated American whites don’t bat an eye about race mixing. No SWPL white feels grief that their grand-child is half Asian. But what do the Chinese feel about it?

It doesn’t seem like much parental authority is being spent on keeping their daughters away from white men. Because it’s not working. Is Daddy Chang upset that his daughter is totting around a white or Jewish boyfriend? Or do they just see it as a clever business transaction?

* The white guy-Asian girl combo is definitely common in NYC. Landing a white guy is a step up socially for most girls from immigrant families, so the parents don’t seem to crack down on it like Indian families. I’ve known multiple Indian girls who kept their white boyfriends a secret from their family. Not the case with my Chinese acquaintances, although I’m sure it can happen.

Jewish guys and Asian girls are especially common. Jewish guys are at a masculinity disadvantage versus gentiles, but when competing against Asian guys for Asian girls they actually have a masculinity advantage and they’re wittier than Asian guys while still having equal if not better career prospects. Both sides feel like they’re dating up. Jewish girls must really be feeling the squeeze. As a Jewish girl I dated put it, “when you’re trying to meet a hot guy at a bar, you’re competing against blondes. When you’re husband hunting, you’re competing against Asians.”

* Let me tell you something about these topics (I’m married to a Chinese woman and we have two kids):

– the kids definitely do not look Chinese (nor do they look white). Boys tend to look kind of mixed, not very masculine facial features. That’s why i expect my son to one day marry an Asian girl. The girls can be very, very beautiful, by universal acclaim. I would bet my daughter will one day marry a white guy.

– Chinese don’t seem to mind mixed marriages. It’s as if they only care about gene propagation. In Eastern Europe, Chinese couples give their children local names, kids learn the local language, etc. How young Chinese men feel when they see mixed couples (white guy, Asian girl) I can only guess.

* The fears expressed about NYC are overblown. Take the Bay Area, which is much further down the pipeline in terms of Asian immigration. Statistically, it is around 40%, but anecdotally, it is higher, varying wildly by neighborhood.

The Bay Area also provides a glimpse into what Chinese-Americans will look like in 20-30 years. A large portion of the Chinese in SF Area are second generation, with high-academic achievement often at good US schools, high savings rates, and other Tiger Mom attributes, and they have a short drive to the most dynamic economy on Earth. In other words, creme de la creme of Chinese population, with opportunity staring them in the face.

Yet, among this group, virtually no successful Chinese entrepreneurs. The rare exception is typically Taiwanese. Very rare to see a Chinese executive. Probably does not bode well for long-term viability of Chinese economy. US elite colleges are also likely sweating bullets over AA, since high influx of Asians will translate into collapsing endowments a decade later.

But, as another poster pointed out, Chinese neighborhoods — Chinatown aside — are typically safe, albeit drab. Socially, the Chinese tend to be insular, often cliquing up in professional settings, likely because they are put off by Westerner extraversion. In terms of immigrant groups, they are fairly neutral it terms of pro vs. con. Cannot say the same about Hispanic immigrants or non-high-caste Indians. These groups will ruin a city, with the prior hurting blue-collar neighborhoods and the later breaking down social cohesion in more affluent areas.

* A sizable bloc of Chinese voters is almost always a good thing for White people in the same jurisdiction. They are for law and order, meritocracy, and good schools. Plus they are immune to super-annoying white guilt complex.

They also don’t seem to have the same hyper-developed political drive as Jews in terms of controlling institutions.

So I’d say the Yellow Peril is pretty low on the list of existential threats to traditional America.

* You can grow together because you are Racial Equals and thus criticize one another in a self-correcting manner without hurt feelings. Being able to criticize someone is really important.

Healthy white+white marriages both spouses tend to grow and flourish.

White + Other marriages (even model-minority) someone is always an enabler…There’s a reason why the Gay Journalist who put Crystal Meth up his Ass was married to an Asian woman.

* Indians are the new Jews, not the Chinese. They are loquacious and shameless like the Jews, and favor the professions of law, media, academia, banking, tech and civil service like their Jew masters. East Asians are more like the Germans, quiet, STEM oriented, hard working, understated and conformist, they do not like to stand out. The only difference is, they lack the honesty of Germans.

* The Asian-white mix is basically nature’s photo-shop, it’s God using the blur feature..

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