LAT: White supremacism in Australia, long a virulent strain, is amplified by the Internet

Robyn Dixon writes: Australian far-right extremists often call themselves NEET — not in employment, education or training — and condemn “ruthless elites” and intellectuals. Many of them blame Jews for non-white immigration.

One Melbourne-based group known as the Dingoes runs a regular two-hour podcast, “The Convict Report.” Their obsessions are the predictable stuff of white supremacism: discussion of “breeding” of whites versus other races; the WP (or women problem) with females generally despised but required for “breeding;” a hatred of Lefties (left wing liberals) and immigration and a disgust of vegans and soy eaters.

A related Melbourne group has aired white supremacist programming called “The Absolute State” from “Melbadishu” (a reference to Somali migrants), “churning out wrongthink,” advocating eugenics and restricted voting rights.

A few weeks ago, “The Convict Report” welcomed a New Zealander named Johan Wolfe, author of a blog called the Dominion Movement, for a rambling conversation punctuated with guffaws and camaraderie that seemed designed to suggest the banter of ordinary blokes propped up at a pub. The atmosphere was not fury but humorous contempt and despair about the common “problems” faced in Australia and New Zealand.

The anonymous hosts who call themselves Tory, Digger and Herschel expressed admiration for Wolfe’s website and its message: “White New Zealanders are standing up.”

On Friday, the Dominion Report distanced itself from Tarrant, claiming its ideas were peaceful, and announced the site would be closed down. But articles by Wolfe and others remain online.

Although Australia’s white supremacists share many ideas with U.S. far-right extremists, they often espouse casual anti-American sentiment. Americans are called “seppos,” which derives from a shortened form of the slang term “septic tank,” rhyming with “Yank.”

In “Straya,” they say in their slang, true blue cobbers all speak the lingo. Straya refers to Australia. A cobber is a loyal friend. True blue means genuine. Lingo is language.

The person identifying himself as Tarrant used the word “cobbers” in a final posting on the unregulated far-right message board 8chan just before Friday’s attack. “You are all top blokes and the best bunch of cobbers a man could ask for,” apparently referring to the virulent online community of Australian extremists from whom he found affirmation.

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