Dennis Prager’s Thoughts On The Fort Hood Murders

Dennis condemned on his Friday radio shows "news media reports that mentioned everything about the man except his religiosity. On the three major networks, only Charlie Gibson of ABC mentioned it. That is disgraceful. The people who wrote those news reports should not be writing news for a living. They are politically correct shields. They are not purveyors of truth. I’m told ad nauseam that he’s a psychiatrist."

"The agenda is not to have anybody possibly link the fact that the man is Muslim is what he did, as though we are not bright enough to realize that this says nothing about all Muslims. But it says something about him. There’s a percentage of Muslims who try to murder all non-Muslims."

"The under-coverage in the media of the four or five plots of mass murder by Muslims… Is there anybody in his right mind who thinks that all Muslims are a danger?"

"If this amount of murder took place in the name of Judaism or Christianity, we would do soul-searching. When Yitzchak Rabin was killed by an Orthodox Jew, the amount of soul-searching that took place in Israel about what happened to Orthodox Judaism… And it was one guy. And the Orthodox asked, how did we produce such a monster? That’s what they kept asking. It’s easily seen on the internet.

"One hears zero about how did we [Muslims] produce the 9/11 terrorists and the terrorists around the world like that. We’re always told that only seven to ten percent of Muslims agree with Osama Bin Laden. That’s 70 to 100 million people. And they’re all believers. How were they produced? Why isn’t that in the front ranks of questions being posed in the Islamic world? There is minimal non-Islamic solution. It’s within Islam."

"I believe there should be armed people on college campuses. There should be armed people everywhere. …When people who want to murder large numbers of people know that nobody else can shoot them, they are given an invitation to do their bloodshed."

Caller: He was protected from his warning signs for fear of being Islamophobic.

Dennis: I am certain that would’ve been a factor.

"Political correctness is lying because one is a coward."

"The biggest cause of evil is thinking you’re a victim. Walking around thinking that you are a victim is a green light to be despicable, to be evil, and to murder the innocent. It doesn’t say anything about how he was treated. It’s about how he justifies murdering evil people."

"Thomas Friedman, who is eloquent on foreign affairs, has said over and over that all the unemployed in the Muslim world are the fodder for terror. I think that if every Muslim in the world was employed we would have one less terrorist. This guy was employed as a psychiatrist. His medical education was paid for by the U.S. Armed Forces.

"This guy was angry. Not coincidentally, he was unmarried. It’s harder to maintain constant anger if you are married. Somebody will be saying, honey, what’s going on? If you are unmarried, it is easier to keep your lousy moods and perpetuate them."

"If everyone who was picked on murdered, no one would be left on earth."

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