Childless Prowhite Advocates

Muh Feels writes: Would you be willing to do a stream on the subject of childless prowhite advocates? They’re all over YouTube reiterating the same old talking points yet doing nothing about it. I mean, how do we combat demographics? The solution of the Alt-Right is to talk about it in perpetuity. I’ve been watching the Cantwell’s etc for a few years now and all they have is “talking points.” The children are the future, the only tangible solution to truly fight back. Who has kids besides Richard Spencer? And how serious are we supposed to take these “dissents” if they’re failing at the primary duty of their race: procreation? I’m getting real sick of this shit. The word fraudulent has come to mind in the past few weeks. Obviously, I can speak like this because I’ve fulfilled my duty to our people. These other folks have been negligent. I think a stream on this subject is a long time coming and I’d like to give my few shekels. If you’re interested please let me know. I’ll appear on the stream with my own face. I’m also sick of this anonymous avatar bullshit. A mature dialogue with goys like Kevin Michael Grace and yourself would be appreciated and preferred. I literally don’t have much time to waste with infantile, belligerent little YouTube shits. Take care, Luke.

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