The Total Freedom Of Science Fiction

Bernie says: You and KMG have been talking about pedophilia in science fiction. What I would point out is that science fiction is kind of like the internet, it’s a free for all. You will find eugenic advocacy in science fiction, racism, homosexuality, absolute monarchies, critiques of democracy, religious fundamentalism, genocide, time travel, incest, coup d’etat, murder, race mixing, aliens, total war, degeneracy, speculations on life extention (including buying a body from brain dead persons), space travel , the most immoral capitalist societies where everything can be bought and sold, slavery, socialism, dictatorships and etc.

If I recall correctly you said if one wants to live in a white community, just pick a white church and then you have a white only community.

The same goes for eugenics. If you read a pro-eugenic science fiction book nobody will call you a racist, or a Nazi or whatever. All you need to say it’s just a book I lent from a friend, nothing to it, or something akin to that.

The point is that you basically have total freedom of speech in science fiction, so people are complaining about not being able say this or that. One solution is to write a short science fiction story or a science fiction novel about what you want to say, and give yourself plausible deniability.

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