Code Of Conduct

I have a code of conduct for people who appear on my Youtube channel.

* I regard the internet as part of the real world and thus real world rules apply to my show. Don’t say things on the stream or in the chat or in comments that you wouldn’t say face to face.

* Abide at all times by Youtube’s TOS and community guidelines.

* Don’t swear. The following words should never be uttered on my channel: n*gger, k*ke, c*nt, f*g. I’d be happy to never hear f*ck or sh*t.

* Don’t interrupt.

* Don’t describe races or religions or ethnicities as sub-human. Don’t describe such groups with slurs such as animals or parasites or crooks or thieves or criminals. Don’t demean entire races and religions. Don’t diminish. Don’t tarnish.

* Don’t encourage violence or criminal behavior.

* Don’t be rude. Don’t harass. Don’t threaten.

* Don’t doxx.

* Don’t encourage reporting of people for TOS violations or tax violations or copyright violations, etc.

* Don’t feud. Don’t pick needless fights. Don’t go to war with other Youtube personalities.

* Don’t use psychology as a weapon. Don’t diagnose people with personality disorders. Don’t call anyone crazy.

* Don’t encourage economic warfare. Don’t try to ruin anyone’s business. Don’t try to ruin anyone’s life. Don’t try to get anyone fired.

* Avoid ad hominem attacks. Don’t libel. Don’t accuse people of criminal behavior unless you can point to clear evidence.

* Don’t fling slurs. Name-calling is not an argument. Laughter is not an argument.

* Don’t attack motives.

* The only honorable arguments are disputing an opponent’s facts and logic.

* Don’t make lewd comments to women on the show.

* When in doubt, act like you are in church or synagogue.

* Different types of discussions have different rules. A comedic show has looser rules than a serious show.

* I treat everyone differently. I treat women different from men, aristocrats different from proles, comics different from the irony-free, people of stature different from losers.

* People who make me unhappy don’t get invited back.

* My tradition teaches a message of radical inclusion and love. Will you sit down and learn Torah with me, and learn love?

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I've written five books (see My work has been followed by the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and 60 Minutes. I teach Alexander Technique in Beverly Hills (
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