LAT: Second body found in West Hollywood home of Democratic donor Ed Buck

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* As Lady Bracknell would say, “To lose one gay black prostitute may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose two looks like carelessness.”

* One crib death is a tragedy, two is suspicious, three is murder. Isn’t West Hollywood roughly 40% homosexual according to the census bureau?

Stories like this are depressingly boring since they’re so typical of the dysfunctional elements that cause them. “Drug addict dies of overdose” kind-of-thing.

* Let those who haven’t had two (2) gay persons of color (GPoCs) die in their home cast the first stone!

* What struck me is that the guy had enough drugs and drug paraphernalia to be a crack-den. If Buck had been, well, one of the kind of playmates he prefers – a young black man – the cops would have arrested him in a trice. But he is white, well-off, and perhaps more to the point – a “Democratic Party Donor”. It sounds like he has political protection.

* With all the laws in this country we can’t find one to prosecute a guy with when gay black prostitutes keep turning up dead in his house?”

I think it’s Democratic privilege as much if not more than it is white privilege. Imagine if Buck were still a Republican.

* Gay Party Death.

Remember that gay Hollywood producer who killed his ‘partner’ in a bout of ‘suffocation play’ or however they term it? I seem to recall reading the police were rather relaxed about that affair. Happens all the time.

* Is Ed Buck related to Joe Buck of Midnight Cowboy?

* Buck has previously been accused of paying black homosexuals hustlers to take dangerous quantities of drugs. After they’ve been dosed he takes their photos. Pretty messed up stuff.

* There was a homosexual serial killer in London who would overdose his pickup victims and dump the bodies in a local graveyard. It took the police ages to work out what was happening, they kept writing off the corpses as accidental overdoses.

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