The Black Pillers

Cinco Jotas (Jay Fivekiller) writes: For more than three years you blackpillers been going through these stupid euphoria-despair cycles. One would think you’d have figured it out by now: Trump is not an ordinary politician.

Most ordinary politicians give up when they’re handed a serious setback. King Chocco put his administration on autopilot after he got pounded in the 2010 midterms. He accomplished nothing after that. He couldn’t even close Guantanamo, one of his main campaign promises. And that’s with the media and the Deep State completely behind him, facing off against the GOP Washington Generals in Congress. All the big leftist victories after 2010 were done in the courts, like fag marriage, not because of Obama.

Meanwhile, Trump gets hammered for a couple of weeks–in the courts, in the lugenpress, or by congressional traitors– and you lot declare, “IT’S OVER. I’M DONE WITH TRUMP!!!” and start inflating your life vests so you can jump overboard. Two weeks (two days?) later, Trump comes back with something out of the blue–like the announcement that he’s pulling out of Syria, or a proposal to end birthright citizenship–and, suddenly, you’re all “I LOVE TRUMP, AGAIN!” As if the preceding two weeks of dragging your dicks around in the dirt hadn’t happened.

It should be clear by now, when Trump gets stopped in one area, he pushes forward in another. Later, he’ll come back to the first and try to move it forward again. He doesn’t give up when he’s thwarted. He considers it a temporary setback. This is how he got skyscrapers built in Man-f**king-hattan, he doesn’t give up.

I really don’t understand the blackpillers. If this were a football game, we’d only be at the end of the first quarter and…get this… we’re not even losing. WE’RE AHEAD! Trump ran up the score in the election and during the first year of his administration. (Remember how he trapped the Dems on DACA? There’s still no amnesty for Dreamers. They’re still getting shipped back for DUI’s and petty theft.) To torture the metaphor, last year at this time, after ten minutes of play, the score was 24-3. Now we’re at what? 31-17, at the end of the first quarter?

Yes, the momentum shifted, but WE’RE STILL AHEAD, and we’re still in this game. But because Trump threw an interception, stumbled over his shoelaces and got sacked, you f**kers are ready to get on the team bus and head back home, with 45 minutes left to play. Give me a f**king break.

You all need to develop a historical-strategic perspective that has a timeline longer than two news cycles. Yes, it’s appropriate to be disappointed when things don’t go our way. It’s even appropriate to criticize Trump for missed opportunities and blown plays, or to worry about how the enemy might get its s**t together. But, it’s utter chickenshit to blackpill about the overall trend line, or even Trump’s ability to put more points on the board. We’re so far ahead of where were were in early 2015 that’s it’s actually difficult to quantify. Look at the evidence: Trump, Brexit, Hungary, Italy, Brazil and now France. The world is moving our direction, and everyday we get a little bit stronger and things get a little bit better. So, get your s**t together and get back in the game.

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