Transgenderism & Becoming Who We Are

Pat emails: If a man insists he is a ‘woman’, others have to call him as he demands. His self-perception is the only truth. If you still see a man and not a woman and say as much, you are a thought criminal(or thought vigilante) who must be stopped.

If a man insists he is not a ‘white supremacist’ but a ‘white advocate’ or ‘white liberationist’, others may still designate him as such according to their own perception of him. His self-definition doesn’t count. So, all the media can smear Jared Taylor as a ‘white supremacist’ even though he rejects the label.

So, with the tranny business, the self has the final authority. We must all comply with the individual’s demand, which is backed by official PC.
But with white identity, the self has no authority. A white person may be smeared as a supremacist even though he doesn’t regard himself as any such.

In both cases, it’s matter of the Power. Since the Power is behind LGBTQXYZ, it promotes the ‘right’ of self-identification among homos, trannies, and the like. And the Power denies the right of independent perception among others. So, if straight people perceive trannies to still be male, they better shut up or be shut down.

In contrast, since the Power hates the idea of white identity, independence, and individuality(liberated from ‘white guilt’), it denies the right of self-identification among white people. Even if whites identify as ‘white advocates’, the media and academia still get to call them ‘neo-nazi’ or ‘white-supremacist.’ Whites have no right of self-identification. They are named by others(like dogs are given names by the master) who are favored by the Power.

The Power bestows the right of autonomous identification among homos and trannies.

But whites are not to have autonomous identification. Their ideological affinity get to be decided by Others(who denounce white people as ‘white supremacist’ unless they cower before globohomo supremacism).

The Glob accuses whites of ‘dog-whistling’, but the Power goes for all-out dog-beating when it comes to white identity. The Master gets to name the White Dog… and beat it up too when it doesn’t answer to its designated name.

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