Race As A Group Evolutionary Strategy

Max* says: I have a new idea that’s pro-Jewish (mostly) and also pro-white… basically the framework is that “Empire” (understood as that archetypal thing that is Egypt, Rome, America) has an endless appetite for deracinated workers… and against that force, “race,” or peoplehood, is the only effective technology that has been developed to hold the line.

Jews did it first–to their eternal credit. I admire the stand they made against the totalizing claims of Egypt. They honored the human against the claims of the Big consuming Machinery of Empire.

But the thing is, having escaped… why won’t they let the rest of us make the same stand? Why not teach us this technology?

And the answer appears to be because it’s very lucrative to keep one foot in Empire and work to manage the eternally deracinated empire-dwellers (the goyim). But the goyim are really tired of it. Kinda like when Jews were forced to work as slaves in Empire.

But potentially, the Jews could return to Israel, become self-sufficient, teach all peoples to resist empire, let all peoples identify as races, let all peoples consider identity as more sacred than GDP… maybe this is Babylonian Heeb’s position?

But instead they keep working to strengthen Empire, and to deracinate empire dwellers. This is really bad, kinda, you know? It’s like escaping from prison only to become a prison guard. Pretty ruthless!

But this is pro-Jewish in the sense that I seriously admire the way they finally “checked” the claims of Empire. They were the first humans, in that sense. They should be teaching all peoples how to make this maneuver! …we all want to be humans, you know? But now Big Jews are the Pharaoh that won’t let us go.

The real enemy is Empire, not Jews.

So my title is: “Race as a Group Evolutionary Strategy.” And I argue for pro-racialist strategies for all peoples.

Fascism as a solution to the JQ won’t solve the problem of Empire.

The next half-turn of this screw is that if all peoples did this, we’d all be in the stone age real quick. But I can’t help but see now that to the extent that Jews are happy to have escaped and then pulled up the ladder, they are sort of “feeding off” the Empire… in a way that makes those charges of sycophancy partially true. But even if all the Jews were living in Israel and Torah-observant, the gentiles would still be under the yoke of empire.

Oh, another turn, I just realized: even if they were all in Israel & Torah observant, if they, in that situation, started helping others to exit Empire, then Empire would get really pissed and start hunting them… so even Jews are kinda held hostage by Empire.

They’re basically the house slaves of Empire. The rest of us are field slaves.

I was thinking about the scene where Moses parts the red sea and water holds back on the Left and the Right as the Jews pass… make their escape… but if any OTHER people try the same route, then deluge! Maybe god only wants one people to be a people, and the rest to be empire dwellers. Strange and brutal deity.

I rewatched your Cofnas interview while on treadmill today. I really like him and he’s right. But as smart as he and you are, I still have the impression that you’re both too Jewish to understand why reactionary antisemitism is a natural phase of gentile psychology in reaction to race realism. Babs told me the other night that even secular Jews think about this stuff from an early age—about identity, Empire, epochal shifts, etc. Whether or not #we care to blame Jews for the false curriculum that was created and enforced during the 20th century, I want you to see that that curriculum specifically targeted whites whereas that same curriculum passed over the doorways of the Jews, who were protected from the withering effects of the plague-ish curriculum by their notions of blood. And I’m not whining. That’s a white weakness and whites need to rectify that problem. But *when* the big turn to race realism comes, when the dialog shifts into that register, for Jews, it’s like sliding into a Shabbat dinner conversation, whereas for whites it feels like being baptized by fire. We were taught, and because we were weak we came to believe, that speaking about group differences was evil. So when we see Jews taking it in stride, wearing this new idea like a comfy old t-shirt, we realize that Jews knew the false curriculum was false all along. I assume Cofnas received a similar serving of slop to the kind that was ladled out to me… but he, somehow, knew it was slop. His dad, or his shul, or just the notion of his Jewish identity instructed him that he might have to endure the sight of the slop, but he didn’t have to eat it. Whereas I had no other choice because I had no other insurrection. My earnestness was abused on purpose—I was made to read stuff for *twenty years* that not only made no sense, but that intentionally undermined my earnest effort to make sense of the world. Jews knew this about public education and the empire’s narrative, and they simply kept it to themselves.

I’m getting over it as fast as any gentile can. I’m not resentful of Jews like Cofnas. But I haven’t heard Jews or anyone articulate just how antihuman and abusive this curriculum was—it’s basically genocidal.

Imagine a game of laser tag where there are 8 players and 7 of them have straight shooting lasers but one is intentionally given a laser whose beam shoots at a randomly rotating angle that’s always off by 3 degrees. Whites have been that player, and now you’re telling them that that was the game all along… and not even really giving them a good laser gun either. Just telling them, hey here’s the situation. This is my main point I guess: try to imagine how Judaism prepared your mind to receive the red pill, and just how much more unprepared the gentile mind has been. Everything we’ve thought has been false, and it was intended that way… whereas Jews had the truth the whole time. Why didn’t they tell us? Because it was lucrative, I think. If there is a white Cofnas out there, he’ll be a lot closer to Norvin than he will be to me. The “good gentile” is the most deluded gentile. And Jews knew this about gentiles all along. My gaslighting feminist English 101 professor was obviously Jewish, it just occurred to me yesterday—she knew. And she held her knowing over me like a boy holds a magnifying glass and sunlight over an ant. See she was Jewish, and so she knew that Empire and it’s “culture” were all fake. She believed she was special. And so when she made us write a “semiotic analysis of a personal space,” and I wrote about my bedroom, and the sexy swimsuit babe posters on the wall, and she gave me a B for being anti-feminist… that was a control move. She saw that I was merely an Empire dweller and I didn’t seem to have empire values, so she punished me. That’s a prison guard, man. Why haven’t Jews helped others to leave Empire and become people? Why have they become the Pharaoh, so often?

I’m saying this because sometimes I sense your frustration at the endurance and persistence of some of the antisemitic anger in your chat… most of us are just stunned. I really think it’s that. I’ll definitely be teaching my son how to smuggle a calculator into his SAT test now, but it’s very hard for me to not feel a little resentful that nobody ever hinted that I should’ve been thinking like that all along.

Whites are the new Hebrew slaves and the new Egypt is Wal-Mart & Facebook. We want to leave, but Pharaoh won’t just let us go. I’m going to try to get people to see it this way from here out. It doesn’t matter if it’s Jews or gentiles who are “Pharaoh”—the point is, we need to leave. And it’s gotta be a desert. And it’s gonna take forty years.

Doooovid said “Cofnas is a heretic because he’s basically using a secular analysis—he doesn’t mention god.” SpacetimeDCR says that there can be only one Jewish people because that’s what god says. Only one people who escape empire. If god wanted to save whites, he would have. I can’t quite tell which register is more interesting, but I do think they’re sort of different ways of saying the same thing: god chose the Jews. The Jews have the highest IQ. But I don’t think we have reason to think that Moses and the Israelites were the higher IQ people in the Mediterranean when they were leaving Egypt. We don’t need high IQ to leave. I think IQ might turn out to be an idol… I was reading Ezekiel yesterday:

““Therefore say to the Israelites, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: It is not for your sake, people of Israel, that I am going to do these things, but for the sake of my holy name, which you have profaned among the nations where you have gone. I will show the holiness of my great name, which has been profaned among the nations, the name you have profaned among them. Then the nations will know that I am the Lord, declares the Sovereign Lord, when I am proved holy through you before their eyes.”
Ezekiel 36:22-23

I think if race realism come with no theological justification, it could do more harm than good. A lot of times you’ve said, if the red pill isn’t making you more money, you’re doing it wrong. That’s a very Empire-sounding slogan. But I don’t know that walking out of Egypt made Moses & Co. more money in the short term.

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