Forward: “Is A String of Attacks Against Brooklyn Jews Really About Anti-Semitism?”

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* First, when whites move into a black area, it is called gentrification and it is bad. Why is it bad? Well they say gentrification drives up home prices, which drives up rents and property taxes. That is true. But just a few days ago we were lectured that white flight drives down home prices which hurts blacks by around $48K in home value. So what do they want? Do they want higher home prices to help blacks, or lower home prices to help blacks?

Second, when blacks move into a white area, it is celebrated as diversity or desegregation. In most cases it results in lower property values and an increase in crime. But those side effects are considered a fair trade to achieve diversity. Any whites who object or complain are denounced and told, “this is who we are and if you don’t like it, you can leave.” So many whites end up leaving and are denounced even more for white flight.

Gentrification is just diversifying non-white homogeneous areas, while desegregation is about diversifying White homogeneous areas.

* It’s just a fact blacks commit more crime. When Jews happen to be the local non-black residents they end up being the victims. But this is not acceptable. Jews are not Puerto Ricans, after all.

This naturally raises the question: How can Jews complain about Black-on-Jew crime without upsetting the Narrative that both groups are perpetual victims?

The answer (duh!), is that White people are to blame. Whites victimize Blacks with gentrification. This causes Blacks to be unintentionally anti-semitic because they confuse Jews with the real White oppressors. Makes perfect sense.

* It’s similar to the recent coverage of the black serial killer who murdered 60 or more black women. Whites were to blame because they don’t police black neighborhoods.

* Growing up in NYC as a non-white, notion that Jews are honorary people of color seems ridiculous to me.

All the Jews I know are more pale-skinned than the average white, wealthier than the average white, more bookish than the average white and eat blander food than the average white.

In other words Jews are the whitest of all the white people we know!

* On the Eastern side of the Atlantic, Jews have largely lost their protected status as honorary non-whites. This has meant that the European left has been free to follow its Marxist and anti-white ideology to its logical conclusion.

1. Steve has often made the point that if “White Privilege” is real, then “Jewish Privilege” logically must be an order of magnitude greater. Well in Europe, the left largely agrees. Accusations of Anti-Semitism are now largely confined to opportunistic attacks on the Alt-Right etc. and ring increasingly hollow. European leftists now regard Jews as a peculiarly rich and well-connected (and consequently nasty) sub-set of whites. When he was running for Mayor of London, the far-left Labour Party politician Ken Livingston told a Muslim Asian audience that he couldn’t get Jews to vote for him because they simply have too much money – he may have had a point there with 70% of Jews now voting for the Tories in 2017.

2. Moreover, the Israel dynamic amplifies this effect. European leftists enjoyed fifty years of endorphin rushes from anti-white fetishising after World War II and consequently became addicted to them. As long as there were African colonies, Rhodesian white minority rule and South African Apartheid to keep delivering the narcotic hit of regular bouts of 2 minutes’ hate, leftists were content. That suddenly ended with Nelson Mandela’s election as President of South Africa and, unlike in America, there were no Rodney King/Abner Louima/Amadou Diallo moments to which to transition the rage so (I think, with some degree of reluctance) Israel-Palestine became the new Bad Whites v. Good Coloureds conflict and today’s European leftists now wear Arafat scarves even when they are at events which have nothing to do with the Levant. The only thing that is stopping Israelis from becoming the 21st century equivalent of the Afrikaners is some residual holocaust guilt amongst the left’s older (and whiter) cohorts.

3. Europe’s Jewish population is less than 1.3 million (if you include Russia, Ukraine and Belarus) and less than 1.1 million (if you don’t) compared to 5.7 million in the United States so the Jewish share of the population is dramatically smaller than in the US. Meanwhile, European Jews tend to be more heavily Sephardic and Yekke and are consequently much more politically conservative than (largely Eastern European-descended) American Jews. This means that while the 20th century left in the United States was enormously Jewish relative to the overall population, the European left wasn’t. This, in turn, meant that left wing Labour Zionism largely operated on a poseur level in Europe and was quickly abandoned when it fell out of fashion.

4. The ethnic group that occupies the equivalent position to blacks in Europe is Muslims – principally Pakistantis, Bangladeshis, Muslim Indians, Anglerians, Tunisians and Moroccans together with increasing numbers of Nigerians and Somalis (of whom the less said the better). There are crucial differences between Muslims and American blacks that make them far less malleable when it comes to the “Jews aren’t really white” trope, namely:

(a) While jazz, blues, rap, hip hop, R & B and reggae have allowed Anglo-American blacks to heavily influence western popular culture, Islam is simply too retrograde to influence high culture and too bumpkiny to influence popular culture – it’s always struck me that the fundamental reason why black culture has been so influential in entertainment and the arts is because it introduced sexual looseness to starchy white culture whereas Islam (as Steve correctly points out) is a “jealousy belt” culture which hews in the opposite direction. One corollary of this is that Muslims are more scornful (and resentful) of western culture than blacks and have not been acculturated into its norms to the same degree so their sub-culture is more Asperger-ish when it comes on picking up respectable norms.

(b) Muslims have their own culture in way that Anglo-American blacks (whose whole culture is effectively an offshoot of 18th and 19th century Anglo culture) fundamentally don’t. Blacks need to generate fantasies like “Wakanda” to do what Muslims can simply do by opening history books and reading about the Umayyads, the Abbasids, the Mughals, the Ottomans and the Moors. Muslims can thus operate within self-contained social orders (albeit poorly) while black Anglos can’t – because they evolved as a sub-culture not a self-contained one. Black resentment of whites is entirely jealousy-based – they are humiliated by their dysfunctionality and act up as a consequence. By contrast, Muslim resentment of Europeans and North Americans combines jealousy (in relation to superior western science, technology and finance) with contempt (for single mothers, gays, trannies etc.). While grassroots blacks are anti-Semitic, their elites seem to be sufficiently insecure that they feel obliged (in an American context) to feign the Philo-Semitism of their white leftist allies. Muslim elites, by contrast, have a plan – to wit, their intellectual godfather Sayed Qutb believed that Islam had fallen behind the West technologically and that the West had allowed itself to be dragged back into barbarism culturally, leaving political Islam with the unique role of combing the best of technology and culture – whereas blacks don’t.

(c) Muslims have their own non-English language media markets broadcasting and publishing news and entertainment in Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashtun, Kari, Hindi, Bengali, Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia, Farsi, Arabic, Turkish etc. This creates another cultural variable – a set of cultural transmitters that are outside of the influence of the English-speaking culture that virtually monopolises black Anglo attention. So, for example, when the British Labour politician Lord Ahmed (a Kashmiri) was jailed for dangerous driving in his Jaguar X-Type that caused the death of a fellow motorist, he dutifully apologised to the family of his victim in Court and issued the usual press statements (in English) expressing remorse but then gave an interview on an Urdu language radio station saying that the reason he had received a custodial sentence was (you could have guessed it) a Jewish conspiracy. The effect of English language dominance on the state of high culture is, of course, a long-running iSteve theme.

5. Notwithstanding all the differences between Islamic and black culture, I strongly suspect that black obedience to rule against Jew-bashing will only last as long as:

(a) a white majority does; and

(b) a large and coherent Jewish minority does – and in this regard, Audacious Epigone seems to believe that out-marriage and low levels of reproduction amongst American Jews is progressively diluting them.

* Blacks’ IQ is too low to appreciate the tortured subtleties of the academic theory that Jews in America are oppressed non-whites. Good for blacks.

A minor government official from China who visited the US around the time of Charlottesville observed to me that blacks who are undergoing trials and tribulations in life should take their problems to the Jews for redress and not waste time with the Anglo-Saxons and smashing up their statues of Anglo-Saxon Confederate generals, since it was such an obvious truism to him that the Jews are in control of the US and not any other group. He said this in reference to the toppling of Robert E. Lee monuments by blacks which offended his sensibilities—it was too close to the Maoist lawlessness he experienced firsthand as a young man and also because Robert E. Lee’s is homonymous with the Chinese surname Li and therefore enjoys popularity in China.

* If the Jews would only get into the real estate business, they could slow down Whitey’s gentrification agenda against everybody. But, I suppose, that’s one of those fields of endeavor they’ve been prevented from entering forcing them to rely upon usury. Sad.

* I always found the case of Len Elmore interesting. Elmore went to UMd-CP, played in the NBA and graduated from Harvard Law School.

He married a Jewish woman and has had two kids bar-mitzvahed.

He tried (and failed) at being an NBA agent, mostly because … as he noted, the players didn’t trust him, as a black guy, to be as good as negotiator as a white (Jewish, duh) agent. Here’s a link from a book about the Labor negotiations between the players and the league from 1995 discussion that phenomenon.

I do agree with the Forward and the several commenters who noted that unless someone is wearing Hasidic clothing or a yarmulke, most folks would fail to notice the difference between white and Jews.

Other cultural markers of this existed in places like the show “The Wire”, with the Jewish Lawyer (Maury Levy) ably representing the various ‘innocent’ drug sellers in court…while being paid in cash.

* It sounds like living in majority white nations is good for the Jews as it offers the secular ones herd immunity.

Apart from all that unpleasantness in mid-20th Germany, it seems like a bad idea to work towards making whites a minorities in their countries.

* So it would be OK if they assaulted someone out of anti-White animus instead of anti-Jewish animus?
Is that what he is saying?

* Jewish interlocutor 1:
“Jews aren’t white! We abhor the gentilic Wonderbread masses too!”

POC leader in the community:
“We view you as a form of Hyper-Whiteness.”

J.I. 1:
“No, it’s not true! We was slaves in Egypt! We discovered Civilrights! Our life’s work is fighting for minorities against the redneck cracka peckerwood honkies aaaaaaaaaaaah”

“We view you as Hyper-Crackers”

Muslim crowd member:
“Word up, my homey!”

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