The Dog Show

A friend says: I’m watching the Westminster dog show and it is so woke. All about how each breed has its strengths… each approaching its own ideal!

I was thinking of a didactic “Animal Farm”-like narrative featuring different breeds of dogs stuck in a pound together — including some mutts & cross-breeds, of course. Different dogs have different strengths and weaknesses, and so the dogs struggle to distribute scarce resources and to cooperate early on, but eventually they get red-pilled, go tribal, become identitarian, etc. The golden retriever is smarter than all the rest, so no matter what they’re doing, he outperforms and tends to rise to the top (he’s the Jew, obviously).

All the dogs want dog treats, but somehow the golden retriever always gets the most of them… then what should happen? Should the poodles accept the supremacy of the goldens and just fall in line, and accept their station?

This is the whole middle part of the Tucker & Ben Shapiro interview… basically why is intellectual labor so much better rewarded than the labor of a fit, energetic, 24-year old man with an IQ of 95? Tucker makes the point that women have the leg up now because of this arrangement.

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