Was Abraham Lincoln A Righteous Gentile?

R. Avigdor Miller is not so sure:

According to Wikipedia:

Miller was outspoken in his belief that the Holocaust was a divine response to Jewish cultural assimilation in Europe. He wrote:

“Hitler was not only sent by Heaven, but was sent as a kindness from Heaven…Because assimilation and intermarriage are worse than death…and the German Jews and others ignored the Torah-teachers and refused to desist from their mad race into assimilation, the Nazis were sent to prevent them and rescue them before they were swallowed up by the nations.[6][7]”

Miller was a staunch opponent of Zionism, in both its religious and secular forms, and was known to help the Satmar Hasidim translate their anti-Zionist ads in The New York Times[citation needed]. He was also a well-known opponent of the Theory of Evolution.

Miller stated that the victims of the Kent State shootings were “bums and they deserved to be shot.”[8]

Miller had sharp views about African-Americans and the apartheid in South Africa. Of President Lincoln he stated “… I hold it against him that he set free the blacks. Don’t think it’s being prejudiced, the blacks were doing wonderful. They were learning to be decent and civilized under their white masters.”[9]

At his funeral in Jerusalem, his son said that he had instructed all his descendants to speak only Yiddish with their families.

The eccentric blogger Jewish Philosopher makes the case for slavery.

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