The White Diaspora

Jones comments: “White diaspora is what I call it. Two suggestions that will seem a bit far fetched. 1) retrench in a hyper-traditional version of our language. So basically start teaching our children to seriously recover King James English. This won’t come naturally… it’s swimming against the stream. But it has the advantage of creating immediate in-group membership and of being utterly legal. Additionally, it’s right there in every collected Shakespeare. It takes effort, but it would be worth it. People say that’s impossible should read about how Jews developed Yiddish. 2) in-group dress codes. This doesn’t have to be formal. It could be “wear some plaid every day.” Again, this creates in-group identity and awareness. It also might generate excellent reactions — POC crybabies calling plaid “actually Nazi,” etc. 3) I’ve also noticed a bunch of “Korean Baptist” churches around where I live. What about “European Baptist?” Could we pull that off?”

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