Gettin’ Paid: The Barack & Michelle Obama Story

* NYP: The Obamas are ‘Becoming’ a billion-dollar brand

* Why Straight Men Hate Astrology So Much

* Z-Man: Section 8 destroying America one street at a time

* Is Apple falling out of fashion?

* Brexit drama More

* ‘We Have Targets on Our Backs’: How Jacksonville Became America’s Transgender Murder Capital

* F. Roger Devlin: The Criminalization of Masculinity

* The Dick Cheney Dossier: Inside Adam McKay’s Searing Exposé of D.C.’s “Ultimate Gamesman” in ‘Vice’

* Chipotle offers to rehire manager who refused to serve black customers over ‘dine and dash’ concerns, citing new evidence

* Cramer: Facebook’s stock would go up if COO Sheryl Sandberg departed

Facebook use causes depression.

* Sheryl Sandberg’s saintly image in Silicon Valley is unravelling

* With Facebook at ‘War,’ Zuckerberg Adopts More Aggressive Style

* BOOK CLUB: Kleinzeit

* NYT fitness columnist Tara Parker-Pope appears to weigh 250 pounds plus Image search

* NYT: ‘Anthony Powell’ Captures the Rich, Long Life of the Man Behind an Epic Series

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