It’s Hillary 4.0!

* Hillary advisers battle over whether she’ll run in 2020

* Judge orders White House to return Jim Acosta’s press pass

* BOOK CLUB: Kleinzeit

* Abrams preparing new challenge in Georgia race

* Global cooling: Will The Snowiest Decade Continue?

* James Kunstler: An Odor of Perfidy

* Case Reveals Shame, Trauma of Male Sex Trafficking Victims

Mike Enoch tweets: There is no fucking 5th amendment right to not getting kicked out of a place for being an asshole. Acosta is not being accused of any crime or civil violation that would entitle him to due process. Unless being an asshole in public is a crime. I can live with that if they can.

“I want to emphasize the very limited nature of this ruling”

Right, because if you grant the 1A argument then TRS and Daily Stormer sue tomorrow for WH access. So you come up with some talmudry to justify a “limited” ruling to get what you want. Asshole.

Guns, fascism, infighting and couch-surfing: Researcher Serena Tarr recounts a year studying the alt-right

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