The United States of Voting Fraud

More on Ariel Ricker.:

Ariel Ricker currently serves as the Executive Director of Advocates Abroad, a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to refugee legal aid throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Ricker’s past research includes consequences of genocide on present day religious communities in Jerusalem, Israel. She has also worked in human rights defense and state leader immunity claims in Geneva, Switzerland and, more recently, as a legislative research attorney for the Hawaii State Senate.

Ricker earned her Juris Doctor degree from William Mitchell College of Law, concentrating on international humanitarian law and sovereign debt lending and borrowing practices.

“Rationalis: An Examination of (Ir)Rationality, Legality, and Identity in the Third Reich and Shoah” (2013) is Ricker’s first book, which originated from her undergraduate Honors Thesis. The text examines the (ir)rationality of genocideers in the Holocaust and the legal process by which identities of victims transform from “homo viator” to “homo sacer” through ritualized social expulsion techniques. In an original twist, this text applied semiotic squares to genocidal (ir)rationality.

Ricker’s second book, upcoming, is a short primer on the modern intersection between sovereign debt default and state practices in human rights protection and enforcement within territorial jurisdiction.

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