Steve Sailer: Matthew Yglesias Sympathizes with Terrorizing Tucker Carlson’s Four Children

From Steve Sailer:

* This ain’t all that new. Anyone remember how gays chased down donors to Prop 8 at their homes and workplaces and posted all of their addresses online?

* From Heavy: Matty Yglesias Has Deleted His Entire Twitter Feed

* I have been noting for some time that Matthew Yglesias has gone to a Dark Place.

* That is the image of a hardened man, the type of man who is shaped by toiling to survive in an extreme environment. A fighter, a pioneer, a frontiersman, a man of steely resolution. How does he ever find the time, outside of all of that, to produce all of that tremendous intellectual output? Truly a man of whom we are unworthy of being in his company.

* How’s that Civic Nationalism working out, Steve?

How’s that attempt at getting American Jews to feel some noblesse oblige toward their fellow gentile White American citizens coming along, Steve?

My apologies, but you’re fighting the last war. I think the world of Steve, but the writing is on the wall, and he refuses to read it. The game is over, people. The only question is what comes next, and how do we protect ourselves and scratch out a place for Whites who want to live among and be ruled by their own kind.

We can’t save what was the United States – though that entity in another form will exist for a very long time to come – but we can look to start building something else.

You mock Yglesias, but he’s the future. Your children – my children – will be facing his kind of hatred on a daily basis when they’re our age. What are you going to do about it?

I’m working on my plans. They may not succeed, but, at least, I’m trying.

The iSteve community feels like a debate team going into a gang fight.

* LF: Steve posts strategically. Citizenism isn’t necessarily what he believes, it is the most effective thing to advocate in the service of what he believes. Every comment has a context. Steve lives in Los Angeles. He has a wife and kids. He’s not on a suicide mission.

* I think Steve sees it—he’s no dummy—but it’s beyond the scope of this blog to muse about hot war strategies and tactics. Most obviously—one could get shut down, arrested, etc. But secondly, individuals have differing thresholds on when war, or violence in general, is justified or desirable. Steve, being non-anonymous, is wise to be mum on that topic as a matter of practical discussion.

* For civilization to flourish people need clear boundaries and there need to be consequences for overstepping those boundaries.

There are no negative consequences for a lefty like Yglesias to advocate violence against Republicans. Instead there is prestige and job security in doing so. There aren’t even negative consequences for antifa. However, if like the Proud Boys you fight back, you will be crushed by the powers that be including Trump’s FBI and DOJ.

Thus my main beef with Trump. He has never cared about censorship of, calls to violence against or actual violence against his supporters. Trump is silent now. Trump was largely silent in the election when his supporters were physically attacked going to and from his rallies. He only cared when people were disrupting the rally.

* One of the unintended consequences of these types of incidents including the Kavanaugh affair, is that some of the more cucked out whites are beginning to realize they cannot hide. Many have felt relatively safe in the burbs because they can limit physical contact with vibrants. Likewise, going to “good schools”, behaving professionally, being married once, having a black friend, etc. could have warded off trouble in the past, but the Soros mobs are no longer worried about polite society and will break every barrier to get what they demand until they are taught a lesson. They are going to keep using fake accusations of racism and sexism, bullying, outing, doxing and the rest until it no longer works. Americans will eventually stop being worried and just become pissed.

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