Divide And Conquer?

* JF Gariepy kicks Jim Goad within 2 minutes last night.

* Bill Kristol chortles at the browning of America:

* Trump warns Democrats: Two can play that game.

* It’s hard to tell the difference between Teen Vogue & the Los Angeles Times: “[Adam] Schiff…has big brown puppy dog eyes, apple-red cheeks and the mildest manner you’ve ever seen in a former prosecutor with a killer instinct.”

* Jeff Sessions resigns.

* ‘CNN Should Be Ashamed’: Jim Acosta Hogs Mic at Trump Midterm Presser

* Jake Tapper: Lots of GOPers losing tonight — Coffman, Curbelo — have been critical of POTUS ….meaning the next GOP House conference will be much more Trump-supporting.

Democrat males wear the Soylent Grin:

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* I like the guy and appreciate what he’s done with immigration but he shouldn’t have recused himself. Democrats don’t play by the rules but a lot of Republicans like Sessions still do, even though the Kavanaugh farce woke some of them up. Republicans need to stop playing by rules that their opponents ignore.

Also, Trump was an immigration patriot before he hooked up with Sessions and will stay one, so all the commenters who are going to say he’ll cave on immigration are wrong.

* Good riddance.

Two years ago, when the liberals had their collective panties in a knot over Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, the drawling Southerner from Alabama, I was cheered.

Turns out their hatred and my optimism were misplaced. Sessions failed to sue blue states for Second Amendment civil rights violations; he failed to sue colleges and businesses for anti-white affirmative action practices in violation of the 14th Amendment; he failed to effectively prosecute both illegal aliens and the employers who hire them; he failed to prosecute antifa and other leftist mobs for interstate gangsterism and racketeering; he failed to discipline the FBI for its role in the attempted coup against Trump.

If only the caricature of Sessions as the redneck Southern sheriff had been true…

* Sessions, like Graham when McCain was alive, is a principled gentlemen who truly wishes to be an upstanding member of society and to “do the right thing” and play by the rules. Too bad because guys like that get taken advantage of by two-faced, amoral sociopathic liberals; you know, nice guy finishes last. Graham got a taste of this during the Kavanaugh hearing. Sessions probably honestly thought he should play by a set of rules his enemies are tearing up. Remarkable naivety. Boomers like Sessions and Graham come from a generation that valued civic virtue, principles, and the rule of law. But guys like them also let in a bunch of foreigners who think those things are quaint abstractions invented by racists to keep them down, changing the country into something alien in the process. Something similar happened with Israel. Russian immigration change the country’s character into something totally different from Oslo. People make countries. Not lines on a map or ideological abstractions.


* State Rep. Ilhan Omar made history, becoming the first Somali-American elected to the U.S. House by defeating Republican Jennifer Zielinski in the Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District.

But is she the first person elected to the House who married a sibling? (I’m combing through wiki’s West Virginia entry as I type.)

* “too soon and polls still open – they’re trying to throw it”

Reminds me of a great article that appeared on TAC years ago. It alleged that Dan Rather purposely misstated Florida’s poll closing time on election night 2000 a number of times in an attempt to throw the election to Gore, the rival of the family he personally hated. It was noted in the article that Rather was 1.) unlikely to have made this mistake on accident considering the number of times he said it (he had producers after all) and 2.) likely intended this time zone fallacy to spread. It did, being picked up and repeated by multiple networks. Although, in their cases, the anchors in question only said it a few times after a producer had probably corrected them.

* The United States is a RED NATION with BLUE ISLANDS of high-density urban populations on the coasts and within the large cities of the interior. Since this was a mid-term election, urban population density mattered, especially with respect to congressional districts apportioned on population.

Oklahoma voted RED … while Oklahoma City and Norman voted BLUE.
Kansas voted RED … while Kansas City, KS, voted BLUE.
Missouri voted RED … while Kansas City and St. Louis voted BLUE.
Indiana voted RED … while Indianapolis voted BLUE.
Tennessee voted RED … while Nashville voted BLUE.
Virginia voted RED … while the urban buildups voted BLUE.
Pennsylvania voted RED … while Pittsburg and the Philadelphia urban buildup voted BLUE.
Colorado voted RED … while the Ski Slopes voted BLUE.

The Electoral College and Senate based on state sovereignty and geography rather than apportioned based on voter majorities means that the RED STATES will continue to exert a major influence on national politics. The urban Democrats will continue to cry foul; that is, that the United States is not a democratic nation and will not be one until the Electoral College is done away with and the number of Senators is apportioned based on population. Then, the East Coast and Left Coast (with a little help from select large cities in the interior) can, by themselves, elect the President, the Senate, and the House of Representatives.

This will never happen short of a violent civil war/revolution won by the urban centers. In the meantime, it is a standoff between urban and rural populations.

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