Election Open Thread

From Steve Sailer:

* Rush was right that the GOP was gaslit by the Russian-collusion hoax coming out of the gate. Recall after winning in Nov. 2016, Trump was almost immediately attacked with the Russia collusion crap. And there were all the leaks and guys like Flynn were getting caught up in the trap.

The GOP really thought Trump was not going to last. They probably thought that Russian crap was real and he’d be impeached or forced to resign. And they proceeded to waste away much of the first year thinking that they were working with a lame duck.

So in the end the Russian-collusion crap probably paid dividends for the democrats by totally sidetracking the new administration and keeping what should have been a friendly congress at arms length while they waited to see when it was safe to come out and work with Trump.

* And doesn’t Sessions bear a large measure of responsibility for the success of this Democrat scheme? He may be great on immigration, but he really dropped the ball on this one. Also, he seems to be more interested in covering up rather than exposing the corruption of the FBI.

* “In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests and social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion.” – Lee Kuan Yew. This may turn out to be one of the most valid political observations of the century.

* Republican senate candidates are just barely eaking out victories in Florida, Arizona, and Texas – states they generally had few problems in 20 years ago. They’ll probably lose in Nevada, and they never stood a chance in California. Not sure what all these states have in common, but it’s right on the tip of my tongue.

In the postmortem Billy Kristol and his fellow clowns will be telling us we really need to embrace open borders if we want to keep winning.

* While Kemp will probably win Georgia and Cruz held on in Texas, the barbarians are at the gate. Radical leftists almost won these races in the South, and they did well enough to bring Democrats into the House from those states.

A lesbian won a House seat in Kansas and even Steve King had to sweat in Iowa. So the Senate went well tonight, but these suburban losses, from Richmond to Atlanta to Dallas, are a bad omen. Looks like a combo of “diversity” and pampered, status whoring suburban women.

* The good news from this election is that in spite of all the huffing and puffing, in spite of the mid-terms generally favoring the party that doesn’t control the White House, the GOP managed to (again) exceed expectations. They may very well end up netting 4-5 seats in the Senate. They will probably lose the House, but not nearly as badly as some feared. From my local perspective, Mia Effing Love (R-Haiti) appears to be on her way out. I once called her office and threatened to vote against her even though I don’t live in her district (LOL).

Hopefully Republicans will take away the right lessons from this election. Ever so slowly they seem to be coming around to the realization that taking a stand in the culture wars doesn’t hurt, and that defending the right to control our borders is actually a big plus.

* I would really love to talk to one of the many voters in Florida who voted Republican while at the same time voting for millions of felons to get their voting rights restored.

How freaking stupid are you? Thanks for both keeping Florida red and ensuring it will probably never go red again.

* I am really angry at Trump not curing everyone’s opioid addictions!

In many ways of course he could do better, but with a hostile House and friendly Supreme Court, and increasingly friendly Courts of Appeal, time for some executive action.

In addition to Amnesty Yoder going down, here’s more good news:
“Tuesday was a rough night for authors of the GOP tax law,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

“Four Republican members of the Ways and Means Committee who all touted the law on the campaign trail lost their seats. Mike Bishop of Michigan, Carlos Curbelo of Florida, Erik Paulsen of Minnesota and Peter Roskam of Illinois won’t return to Congress next year.”
Kobach got screwed by most of the GOP. I see TV ads all the time from famous Kansas republicans who are opposing

* The repubs expanded their majority in the senate, in part (or maybe mostly) because of the Kavanaugh debacle. Of course, the media can’t talk about that. The dems taking the house has to be the big news. In one way, it obviously is, because it changes the direction of the house, but the narrative that the media wants is, “a repudiation of Trump.” They don’t want “a repudiation of ‘I am Spartacus!’ ”

Nowadays, whenever the dems win, the media cries, “The people have spoken!” When the republicans win, the media cries, “The people have succumbed to the puppet masters of hate!” The governor races of Kansas, Georgia and Florida point this out. In Kansas, the people have spoken. In Florida and Georgia, fear mongering white supremacists were elected. Also, a black lesbian on the Yahoo election broadcast said that Rep. Steve King of Iowa “went to Europe to meet with neo-nazis.” (King won, thankfully. What a brilliant puppet master he is.)

In the long term, last night’s election results most likely benefit Trump. A flamboyantly leftist and extremist house is exactly what’s needed over the next two years to get Trump reelected in 2020…just like an an extreme leftist judiciary committee helped the Senate become more Republican. The House will now spend most of it’s time trying to undermine the democratic process by nullifying the election of 2016, and will get little else done besides that. A lot of Americans aren’t going to like that.

* Trump has outperformed expectations, and now has control of the Republican Party. Instead of being an albatross around the neck of Republicans that supported him,

Trump will continue to appoint judges and justices, which will be confirmed by the Senate. Trump will set administrative policy and drive the national conversation.

Trump has shown himself to be a winner – again.


* Kobach got screwed by most of the GOP. I see TV ads all the time from famous Kansas republicans who are opposing Kobach. The list is too long to count. Though I live in MO, I am close enough to KS where their ads are seen on my local TV.

What ticks me off is that for years we have been told by the GOP to support whatever candidate they put up in November, e.g. Bob Dole and John McCain. Then when one of ours finally gets to the final stage, not only do they not return the favor, but they actively campaign against him.

My gut reaction of course would be to abandon the GOP. But that would be suicidal since there is no other alternative. So we must soldier on and hopefully transform the party into what we need.

* No doubt about it – Trump salvaged this election for Republicans even if the Dems win the House. The Dems should have easily taken the Senate and House.

All the blame is on Ryan and his failure to campaign for House Republicans. The two Florida Republicans in Congress who lost were running away from President Trump. Carbello was running as a RINO and lost in a close election.

The flood of Puerto Ricans from Hurricane Irma last year did not help Republicans in Florida this year.

* Social media. There may be a movement to further regulate it in response. They’ll claim that it promoted racism or violence or something – maybe fake news. The WSJ has been waging war on YouTube for years, getting various red pilled channels banned for “hate speech” and leading advertiser boycotts. I think it is also possible they aggressively go after Pay Pal and other online financiers of dissidents, hoping to cut off their access to the masses.

* Beto did the GOP a solid by sucking in a zillion dollars of donations that could have gone to a winable race.

* I was watching Bannon’s livestream most of the night, and he made the point that the Democratics did a pretty good job of matching candidates to districts, or at least a better than expected job. I think it was one of his associates who made the point that Trump has been doing pretty well in Trumpifying the Senate. He was emphasizing how people were getting replaced, but I think it also true that former opponents like Graham and Cruz have become the strongest partisans. But this has seemingly been far less true (or not at all true) in the House.

* The Dems seem to think passing felony voting in Florida is a win.

Okay, 1.4 million felons have voting rights restored. Murderers and felony sex offenders don’t get it back.

418,000 blacks are disenfranchised in FL due to felonies. So about a million ‘new voters’ are Not Black.

But I’m thinking blacks are definitely over represented among murderers. Felony sex offenders maybe, but possibly not.

All this proves is that Democrats want felons voting because they think their party appeals to anti-social types. But there are all kinds of felons.

I’m pretty sure white felons who have done time are not the ‘wokest’ voters in the world. In fact, I’ll bet the white felons skew conservative BECAUSE they’ve done time.

The Hispanics, who knows, but I’m guessing Hispanic felons aren’t a high turnout group, if you know what I mean.

Either way, in raw numbers this seems like a net gain for the GOP in Florida.

* The small upside to this being that Kobach is now available to take a place in the Trump Admin – or maybe even Ruth Vader Ginsburg’s spot. Perhaps if she knows she can’t hang on another two years she will step down now. It would be hysterical for RINO’s to screw Kobach over only to watch in horror as Trump appoints him to the Supreme Court. It might be the greatest revenge of all time, even better than when Jeff Sessions won a Senate seat after being denied a federal judgeship.

Several open borders Republicans lost tonight. Mike Coffman is out in Colorado and Mia Love is out in Utah, and King appears to have held on in Iowa. It’s pretty fair to say that fighting for border security isn’t the huge negative people say it is, and is probably even a net plus.

* Kobach is just not a good natural politician. He’s a stiff and not very affable. He’s better as a behind the scenes enforcer type.

* “Paul Ryan is ostensibly a friend who can only make Trump look bad.
Pelosi is an enemy who can only make Trump look good.”

–Dennis Miller

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