NYT Says One In Three Black Men In Kentucky Is A Felon

I’d say that level of criminal behavior is a big problem that blacks must confront (apparently one in six black women in Kentucky are also felons). To the New York Times, the problem is that these criminals can’t vote.

News footage is racist!

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Cabrillo High has hosted student race riots between blacks and Latino’s many times before, most of which Latino’s won handily. Southern California in general, and Compton in particular, has been the battleground for an extremely successful ethnic cleansing campaign by Latino’s.

Compton is now around 80-85 % Latino, and still growing, as the last of the black folks get run out of town.

Since then, Compton’s formerly bankrupt and shuttered Martin Luther King Jr. hospital has re-opened, with new state-of-the-art medical equipment servicing our Latino’s, and many, many Mexican citizens newly arrived. Crime in Compton has dive-bombed, the dramatic decrease considered unprecedented. Latino’s in general, and Mexicans in particular like to have a nice day, which prohibits the indulgent behavior of black folks in their neighborhoods. HUD vouchers allow for blacks to move out of town relatively quickly, should they feel a sudden, urgent need.

CONCLUSION: Mexicans kids at Cabrillo High just took a minor setback, and targeted black kids can expect hell to pay going forward. Mexicans never forget, and can summon a remarkable measure of maliciousness, when called for. Some black kids at Cabrillo should either leave town yesterday, or they are going experience some ugly outcomes.

* An ignored aspect of Southern California’s gentrification has been the demographic shift in its prison system. In the 1970′s, California prisons were dominated by blacks. Today, they are dominated by many, many Mexicans, with blacks and white supremacists competing for second place.

In the black community, where it is reasonable a son or nephew will do time, this is a real threat to their safety. Maybe housing prices are the 21st century version of ethnic cleansing. But prison provides a more authentic, 13th century version.

* Armenians are a very interesting ethnic group. Sort of like a Middle Eastern mercantile ethnicity, but without Islam.

Very gaudy, cunning, and tribal. Also, pretty successful economically, especially in small business.

The Armenians (and Persians) are to SoCal what Italians are to NYC.


* I think the Blue Wave might have happened with Dems winning every competitive Senate race and 50 House seats if the election were in early September.

The interrogation of a 53-year-old judge’s high school social and sex life by leading Dem senators, then the migrant caravan, made them look awful just as swing voters started to follow the midterm news.

I think people noticed the steady Maoist purge of people from their jobs that really picked up this year. And the purged were quite diverse: a beauty queen newslady, a young Google programmer nerd, the Jewish creator and star of the #1 scripted show on TV.

It’s only the left that violently attacks people engaged in political or intellectual debate in colleges.

You can find 100 instances of this. But there is not single one of conservatives trying to “shut it down” and “deplatform” leftists.

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