Did Silicon Valley Buy Conservatism Inc?

* Z-Man writes:

In a series of tweets yesterday, someone calling herself Emerald Robinson announced she had evidence that at least one “conservative” magazine was taking payola from a tech giant. The implication was that the magazine was taking money in exchange for countering the stories about the tech oligarchs censoring dissidents.The woman works for an outfit called One America News, which is a small operation that has made a name for itself during the Trump phenomenon…

The most likely candidate, before examining the hints in the tweet, is National Review, which lost its moral compass when Rich Lowry took over the operation. It’s also the one conservative publication with any influence, at least before it hurled itself onto the NeverTrump bonfire three years ago. If you are going to bribe a conservative publication, you may as well bribe the biggest one. It’s not like any of these operations are making so much money that they would say not to a bribe. It’s their reason to exist.

Of course, the clue about the subscriber base evaporating adds to the speculation that the culprit is National Review. When you look at the tax filings for the 501(c)(3) they use to launder contributions, it appears their donations shriveled up during the campaign. Their ugly smear campaign against Trump and his voters turns out to have been a costly blunder. That is if the tax filings tell the whole story. It is possible that the tech giant or some other wealthy patron is paying writers directly or using another vehicle.

I speculated during the campaign that Dan and Farris Wilks were buying support for Ted Cruz and funding the NeverTrump lunacy among so-called conservatives. The two are members in good standing of the donor class and the guys bankrolling people like Ben Shapiro, Dennis Prager and Glenn Beck. My suspicion was they were spreading cash around on the side to the various pens for hire at operations like National Review and the Federalist. It would explain some rather obvious patterns we saw in the campaign.

Now, in fairness to National Review, we don’t know if the person tweeting this stuff is legitimate or correct. Her name suggests she should be swinging from a pole, rather than covering the White House, but these days, the differences between the two professions are microscopic. In fact, it would be a relief to learn that the mass media is simply singing for their supper, delivering what a handful of billionaires demand. Otherwise, it suggests a systemic failure that can only be addressed by madame guillotine.

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* NYT: “A new study shows that the structure of the human pelvis varies between populations [races], which could have implications for how babies are birthed.”

* “Strange thing, culture,” remarked senior nurse to junior—a rookie—as they cleaned up afterwards. “Whites curse and blacks holler. Hispanics I’ve known to actually sing. But the Chinese—not a whisper.” [Fire from the Sun, Ch. 71]

* A young man is far more interested in what he can put into a young lady’s pelvis than what he can take out of it.

* When something is going in, Asians tend to squeak in a higher pitch. Whites and blacks get louder and lower in tone.

* Not just women. A White or Black baby on a long flight – guaranteed screeching. Dozens of Asian babies on a 16-hour flight – nary a peep. I was absolutely amazed. Perhaps they were saving their screeching for the NYT pages some 20-odd years later.

* Could they please publish a comprehensive list of the biological racial differences it is racist to know about as well as a list of the biological racial differences it is racist NOT to know about? Let’s also get daily update emails when a thing moves from one list to the other.

It’s tough when you get called a racist who doesn’t care about the deaths of black babies for not knowing that black women have big butts… ahem… deep pelvises. Even the original Becky from Baby Got Back is more woke than you on the PQ.

Maybe some of you keep up with all this, but there are some unclear points. For example, I’m pretty sure it’s okay to know about bone density differences since this shows that black people are tougher than white people. We already covered pelvis shapes… so you may think you’re in the clear with the skeletal system but… is it okay to know about skull circumference differences also? How about if you know about skull circumference but make very sure not to know about IQ correlation?

But skull shape might be relevant to birth and that means healthcare outcome disparities… so you might also be a racist white person who murders black babies on purpose if you DON’T know it. Maybe you can know it if you’re currently delivering a baby but not at other times?

It’s bad to say blacks are biologically better at running when you’re talking about football or sprinting but good to say they are better at running when it’s DISTANCE running. I think. If you relate this to the pelvic differences that are racist not to know, does that then make it okay?

Also not sure about the status of innate black rhythmic ability. It’s been scientifically shown and it suggests a positive ability that could make blacks superior to whites, so that’s good, but it could also suggest that you believe in stereotypes about black people singing and dancing, which is bad, unless it’s a black comedian / writer for the root making fun of white people dancing, which is also good.

I’ve been getting screened for sickle cell to show how much I don’t believe in race but I find I’m getting dirty looks from people with deep pelvises.

It’s getting hard out here for an NPC.

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