White Genocide Is Real

“During a recent protest at the United Methodist General Conference, LGBTQ activist Reverend Will Green sings the hymn “Blest Be The Ties That Bind” with his arms and feet bound behind his back.”

* Steve Sailer: NYT: “We Can Replace Them”

* Z-Man writes:

On more than a few occasions, I have made the point that the greatest threat to Jews in America is other Jews. While there no doubt exist plenty of anti-Semites, counter-Semites and bigots, they are powerless to act on their opinions. Sure, one can go bonkers and shoot up a synagogue, but that guy could just as easily have thought his dog told him to shoot the Pope. In a big open country, you will have a nut of every variety and on occasion, one will slip the leash and cause mayhem. There’s no remedy for it.

As far as a serious threat to Jews, there never has been one in America, because the culture of the country has never been hospital to confrontational tribalism among white people. Instead, it is a frontier culture, where tribes just avoid one another if they cannot get along. Talk to a European about moving around and they will marvel at the casual way in which Americans just pick up and leave if they think the next town is better. The result of this is our anti-Semites tend to be separatists, not confrontational.

That’s a good thing, but it is not an immutable thing. As the country becomes majority-minority, whites are slowly starting to think of their racial identity as their primary identity and their primary interest. In one of life’s ironies, the Progressive demands for tribalism are creating a white tribe, organized to defend white people from the predation of the Left. It may simply be an inevitable result of demographics, but white Americans are slowly coming to terms with the reality facing them. As a result, that frontier mentality is waning.

This will be a different world for Jews, who have enjoyed a casual indifference from the white majority, since Jews migrated here in bulk at the start of the last century.

* Not a word in here about how absorbing the world’s refuse is good for America.

* White nationalist writer says he’s a canvasser for Brian Kemp

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* Lester Holt Dressed up as a Woman in ‘Whiteface,’ Fallon In Blackface, What Exactly is NBC’s Policy?

* Trump targeting birthright citizenship with executive order

* Facebook Censorship of Alternative Media “Just the Beginning,” Says Top Neocon Insider

* Lauren McCluskey Timeline: Melvin Rowland Extorted Student

Rodney Martin writes:

“All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside” Section 1, Clause 1 of the 14th Amendment

This was a 1-time deal to grant citizenship to “Freed Slaves” in the Post Civil War Era, Keep in mind the 14th EXCLUDED Indians/Native Americans, they did not become U.S. Citizens until 1924. It was also in hopes of breaking up the Democratic monopoly in the South, i.e. Freed Slaves would vote Republican, which they did, until the disputed 1876 Presidential Election which resulted in the withdrawal of Federal Troops by President Hayes which then resulted in Jim Crow Laws.

The 2nd part of the 14th under the “Plain Language Legal Doctrine , i.e. “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside” clearly establishes that the person in question must pass a 2-Part Determination 1- Be subject to the Jurisdiction an Illegal can be subject to the Jurisdiction AND 2- be a RESIDENT of the State where they reside, i.e. they MUST be a LEGAL Resident. An Illegal cannot meet the 2nd part- Residency, which is why Blue States are trying like hell to EXPAND the definition of State Citizenship.

Keep in mind Congress passed a Statute that codified the broad interpretation of the 14th i.e. all anyone has to do is drop a kid & go back to China, Somalia, or India the next day.
Congress & the Left says the “birth” establishes “Jurisdiction”, but they fail to address “Residency” requirement.

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