The Right Unites Behind Kav, Democrats Stumble

* Second Hour: Theater Thursday: Tombstone (1993)

* Weekly Standard: How Jeff Flake’s One-Week Delay Helped Clear Brett Kavanaugh’s Name

* New York Post: Democrats’ Kavanaugh assassination is reuniting the right

* WP: The rise and the reckoning: Inside Brett Kavanaugh’s circles of influence

* Ex-NSC Official Allegedly Fired Over Memo Warning Trump of ‘Deep State’ Resistance: ‘There’s a Whiff of Tyranny in the Air’ from Politicization and Weaponization of the NatSec Apparatus

* ‘Never Trumpers’ unite to back Trump’s battle for Kavanaugh


* That kosher cafe in Boyle Heights is going strong. Orthodox Jews are harder to beat than secular art gallery owners (who left the neighborhood after protests).

* Israel Uses Canary Mission Blacklist Info To Bar Activists

* KMG: Model Kaia Gerber (daughter of Cindy Crawford) is 17 years old & has the thousand-yard stare. This is what the fashion industry does to women

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