Kavanaugh Goes Down To The Wire

* FBI is expected to hand over findings from their new Kavanaugh probe TODAY says senior Republican senator – but they have STILL not interviewed Christine Ford

* Ex-Boyfriend of Blasey Ford Comes Forward with a Few Minor Scandals

* From MPC: “The Ford allegation was a Democratic political operation from the start. I have no doubts that the letter was written with the aid of party operatives to make its claims unfalsifiable given Kav’s bio. They didn’t even risk giving a range of dates, because they couldn’t be sure that Kav wouldn’t have an iron clad alibi (his party planning letter, for example, refers to a vacation in Ireland immediately before Beach Week, and putting the event during that week would have been utterly fatal). Indeed, her account was altered serially after first contact with Eshoo in order to line the dates up (instead of the original account putting Kav at Yale in the mid-eighties). Katz was chosen in order to handle the puppet Ford as best as could be done under the circumstances.”

* Steve Sailer: The success of Israeli nationalism

* Ted Cruz’s Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke says he’s ‘ASHAMED’ of writing college article about Broadway actresses ‘whose only qualifications seem to be their phenomenally large breasts and tight buttocks’

* Famously Nice Paul Krugman on “The Angry White Male Caucus”

* Hannah Storm: Shamed into silence: Female journalists are disproportionately targeted for sexual harassment and assault — and I’m proof.

* Imagine if They Tried to #MeToo Snoop Dogg

* Heading into the season finale, Better Call Saul serves up multiple crises

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