Trump Vs Google/Facebook/Twitter & The Left (8-29-18)


00:00 Trump vs left-wing bias in Big Tech
10:00 Alt Hyp cancels, Richard Spencer goes ahead with JF Gariepy, denies cucking Greg Conte’s GF, RS blames me and Irony Bros for spreading rumors about him. When will Greg Conte come forward to tell us why he left Richard Spencer?
20:00 How’s Jeff Sessions doing?
30:00 Stephen Miller running immigration policy
45:00 Samuel Huntington vs Francis Fukuyama
57:00 2020 election, a rundown of the Democratic contenders
1:10:00 Sarah Palin banned from John McCain’s funeral
1:24:00 The Hill: US cracking down on citizenship for hundreds of Hispanics along border: report
1:30:00 Richard Spencer’s gal Rosie Gray reports: Emails Link Former Homeland Security Official to White Nationalists
1:34:00 Justin Trudeau loves a gay pride parade
1:40 Porn star complains about Evil Angel treating her like a piece of meat.

* Four Ways Trump Could Go After Google

* Stephen Miller’s takeover of immigration policy.

* CNN: Sessions ‘irreplaceable’ on immigration to base

* Francis Fukuyama Postpones the End of History

* Breitbart: Sarah Palin, Loyal Running Mate, Excluded from John McCain’s Funeral

* NEWS: Senate just cut a deal to fast-track votes starting at 3:45p today on 11 nominations—including SEVEN Trump nominees to be district court judges.

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