00:00 I discuss JF Gariepy on Alt Hyp’s video about Richard Spencer
18:00 Colin Liddell joins us
40:00 Colin Lidell on Richard Spencer
1:04:00 Matt Forney joins
1:48:00 Matt P, Robert Stark discuss their new documentary, (((Supply)))
2:05:00 Milo discussed
2:15:00 Does Hollywood have a pedophilia problem?

* From Affirmative Right:

Affirmative Right Chief Editor Colin Liddell comments on the deplatforming of Alex Jones and other non-Leftists by Big Tech. He draws a parallel between America today and Britain in the 1980s, when the Left’s decisive defeat at the hands of Margaret Thatcher in 1979, saw it displaced from political power. It fought back by seizing control of institutions or weaponising its existing soft control of institutions.

Something similar is now underway in America with Big Tech being increasingly weaponised by the Left, raising the possibility of a Rightist response. Only strong anti-trust measures can prevent a “Cold Civil War” that could split society into ideologically disparate institutions and corporate structures.

The AltHyp video in question.

* Dennis Dale on Asia Argento & the #MeToo movement.

* 100 minutes in: Matt P. and Robert Stark discuss their new documentary:

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