Robert Reich: ‘If Trump pardons Manafort and/or Cohen, we rise up.’

Kevin Michael Grace responds: “Don’t expect white male construction workers to rise up with you. Or whites or males or construction workers.”

* Patrick Chovanec: “The abduction and murder of a young woman is a crime, hopefully to be solved, prosecuted, and punished. It is not a political hobby horse to be either ridden or downplayed for votes.”

* Kelly Marie Tran: I Won’t Be Marginalized by Online Harassment

* Kelly Marie Tran is leading the charge against toxic fan culture

* Steve Sailer: Various Asians: What America Needs Is More Asian Celebrities Who Look Like Me, Such As, Well, Me!

* Daily Mail: I hope to marry the man I turned down 20 YEARS ago! KATE MULVEY reveals why she decided to rekindle with an old flame (Desert Sun (Update))

* UPDATE: Daily Telegraph: I spent my savings on an ‘elite’ matchmaking agency – only to meet an array of mediocre men

* Daily Mail: Lena Dunham shocks fans by posting three very revealing images of her nude body

* Daily Mail: Robin Wright, 52, shows off her toned physique in a blush pink bikini as she hugs and kisses husband Clement Giraudet during Spanish honeymoon

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