Dennis Prager Changes His Position On Spanking

On his radio show Oct. 27, 2009, Dennis said he never spanked his kids. He now thinks that was a mistake. "Everything within context — spanking, yelling. All things being equal, when done right, a spanking can be less injurious to the psyche of a kid than yelling, especially depending on what words come out of the yell. Some kids are easy. Some kids are very difficult to raise. If there is a difficult kid, there are times when it may well be effective to give the kid a smack.

"I have always said never on the bare tush because that’s humiliating. Humiliation is a no-no with children."

"I was corporally punished [by my parents] but it was only done once and it was done wrong. And that’s part of the reason I came out against it. I was yelled at and I couldn’t stand that either. I was a good kid. …I was hit by teachers. Every time a teacher hit me, they were right. I knew they were right. It’s a lot easier to be corporally punished by a teacher than by a parent. You don’t expect your teacher to love you."

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