Theater Thursday: The Death Of Stalin (2017)

* Steve Sailer on The Death of Stalin. More.

* Millennial Couple Bikes Near ISIS Territory to Prove ‘Humans Are Kind’ and Gets Killed

* Full text: Senator Fraser Anning’s maiden speech

* How Trump Radicalized ICE

* The Weekly Standard’s Ties To Fusion GPS

* Mike Enoch returns to Twitter.

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Years ago it was an understood thing that Australians were the biggest “piss-takers” on 4chan. They have a reputation as pranksters, site founder Christopher Poole identified them as the one thing he hated most, and their entire IP range has been banned. In the recent political upheaval I have felt intense closeness to this strange tribe of desert-bound alcoholics, who do not give their loyalty easily, but post in vast numbers. In a Second Amendment thread it is as likely to be an Australian as an American who corrects fallacies and explains the reasoning of things like god-given rights and not having arms in a centralized armory. You would think Hillsdale College or the Rutherfird Society had branches down under.

* Fraser Anning seems like an unpretentious salt-of-the-earth kind of guy who just wants his country back. I doubt he thinks about Jewish history much and in any case I’ve heard plenty of people say “final solution” innocently and innocuously, with no intention to refer to the holocaust.

If I lived in Australia, I’d consider Anning’s less than exquisite sensitivity to linguistic nuance far less relevant for my safety and well-being, than his solid grasp of the meaning of Muslim immigration in the here and now.

From JTA:

Australian lawmaker calls for ‘final solution’ to Muslim immigration

SYDNEY (JTA) — In a speech some compared to Hitler’s rants against the Jews, an Australian parliamentarian proposed a ban on Muslim immigration to the island nation, calling it the “final solution” to the problem of the decline of its “predominately European identity.”

In his maiden speech Tuesday, Queensland Sen. Fraser Anning, the sole representative of the fringe Katter Australian Party, advocated a ban on Muslim and non-English speaking migrants and a return to the long-repudiated “White Australia” policy barring the entrance of non-white immigrants to the country.

“Diversity should be managed to remain compatible with social cohesion and national identity,” Anning said. “We as a nation are entitled to insist that those who are allowed to come here predominantly reflect the historic European-Christian composition of Australian society. While all Muslims are not terrorists, certainly all terrorists these days are Muslims, so why would anyone want to bring more of them here? The final solution to the immigration problem, of course, is a popular vote.”

In Parliament, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said that he and opposition leader Bill Shorten have always stood against racism, adding that “the days of the White Australia policy are long, long ago, and our success is founded on our commitment to a shared national identity committed to those political values which unite us all.”

* Democracy applied to immigration policy is literally Nazism, though.

* His idea of a “final solution” is a popular vote.

Has anybody noticed this is a little different from suggesting that the final solution is Auschwitz?

Or are we not allowed to see the difference, because words are magic?

We must have Conversations, as long as we don’t have Talks and Words.

* The specter of Hitler and the fate of the Six Million is fast losing its remonstrative power as a tool to frighten, shame, and pacify. Regarding Fraser Anning’s refusal (so far) to backpedal from “final solution”: A lot of contemporary spectators are wishfully misinterpreting teeth-baring warnings—from both the right and left—as mere LARPing. The Overton is redshifting in both directions.

* Our esteemed leaders in the West might be much more effective if all their public statements didn’t sound like Brezhnev-era Pravda editorials.

* “We stand together to say that we value the contribution of these residents, deeply appreciate the diversity of culture and experience they bring to our cities,” This cult of diversity is like the cult of communism. A giant lie, forced compliance, ceaseless exhortations, ridiculous pseudo-formal jargon meaning nothing, a declining standard of living, and everybody afraid to fight it. This won’t stop until we’re mad enough to spit in the faces of these commissars every single time and place they uncork their dogma. Soon I hope.

* Knowing what you must know, as a reader of this blog, about the extraordinarily high per capita rates of crime committed by people of African descent everywhere from Australia to Brazil to Europe to the U.S., what’s your best argument for why countries ought to welcome large numbers of African immigrants?

* A few observations from ground zero:

1. Mayors of municipalities in Australia have very little practical importance. Municipalities have no responsibilities for law enforcement, or education, or health care. Their key functions are zoning, garbage collection and road maintenance. In short, they barely register for the vast majority of citizens (property developers excepted), and local government elections are a snooze-fest.

2. The vast majority of Melburnians know that the mayors’ comments are bullshit. We have had a serious problem with African crime for a number of years now and nothing the “goodwhite” local pols say will change that view. Despite this the mayors’ positions are not in jeopardy because hardly anyone gives a toss about local government (see point 1).

3. Observable African crime is concentrated in a few (but highly visible) streams, which makes the overall crime stats look less scary than the reality. (It hardly needs pointing out to Steve’s readers that Africans aren’t a major concern for our fraud squads, for instance.) Their specialties include “home invasions” (charged as “aggravated burglary”) which usually involve a small group smashing its way into a suburban home and terrifying the occupants. A particular aim of these invasions is to force the residents to hand over car keys. Other favourites of our African brothers are violent robberies of jewellery stores and carjackings. Many (probably most) of these crimes are committed by under-18s who get slaps on the wrist by the Children’s Court and almost always are bailed pending trial. There aren’t a large number of these crimes, but they have a big psychological impact on the community.

4. Statistics of African crime are seriously understated as the only relevant criterion for which stats are collected is birthplace (stats are not collected for perps’ race) and nowadays many (probably most) of the African crims were born in Australia. So the Australian-born Africans’ crimes get counted as “Australian” rather than “African” in the published stats. Despite this, some crimes show Africans over-represented by a factor of around 100.

5. Another favoured crime of Africans in Melbourne is rowdy and destructive parties (not at their own homes but at AirBNB places rented using stolen credit cards). It pisses off (and scares) the neighbours (a few of whom get beaten up when they challenge the interlopers), results in serious damage to the properties, but seldom results in arrests (let alone convictions) for the offenders.

6. On that last point: A feature of African crime in Melbourne is the softly-softly attitude to it by the Victoria Police (law enforcement is a State government responsibility). It is an amusing feature of law enforcement in Victoria that more than once the cars of the riot squad have been smashed up by rowdy Africans, and yet the riot squad have a policy of avoiding making arrests in these situations. Note that these are well-protected and armed police with specialist training in dealing with violent mobs, not some hapless local beat cops.

7. In November we will have a State election and many Melburnians are itching to throw out the socialist Labor government that presides over this debacle. Yet the opinion polls still have the Labor Party as favourites to win the election, God help us.

* From Melbourne to Stockholm, the provinces of the American Empire ape the metropole and end up with American problems. America pumps out an endless stream of happy talk and lies in order to paper over its racial problems via Hollywood, its media and academia. Provinces in America’s empire then go ahead and believe it. Any politician or commentator who doesn’t go along with America’s magical thinking on race and immigration gets weeded out. The mass media Megaphone made sure of that. Lie about Detroit for 50 years and you get Little Detroits in Melbourne, Stockholm, Frankfurt, etc, etc.

* This reminds me of the NPR interview a couple of weeks ago with the guy who was leading the massive (20 person) Nazi rally in Washington. He mentioned that on average, Asians have a higher IQ than whites who have a higher IQ than blacks. The interviewer didn’t challenge him directly on this (because she couldn’t, since it is true) but instead asked him something like, “How does this help to unite us?”

The standard for journalism today is, is this story damaging or helpful to the CotF [Coalition of the Fringe]? If it is helpful – let’s say some rural legislator has used the words “final solution” because he wants a solution that is final but is too dumb to know that phrase is on the Index Prohibitorum, then you pound the hell out of it, even if the story is halfway around the world. If it is not helpful, say it involves “African gangs” terrorizing the citizens of that country, then crickets. Or as Iowahawk says, “Journalism is about covering important stories. With a pillow.”

We even have a name for such things. We call them “hatefacts”. A hatefact is something that is true but is wrong to bring up because it damages the CotF. Say you are a college educated white female – it’s no good to remind you that you are in danger of being raped and murdered by your brown and black brothers in the CotF. You should never do things like comparing the rate of black on white rape vs. white on black. It’s much better to displace your fear and anxiety on imaginary white rapists and sexual harassers.

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