Theater Thursday: The Witch: A New England Folk Tale (2015)

Topics for tonight’s show:

* The Witch: A New England Folk Tale (2015)

* There will be blood.

* Steve Sailer: No Jail Time for Berkeley Bike Lock Philosopher Eric Clanton

* Heather Mac Donald: Sarah Jeong Is a Boring, Typical Product of the American Academy

* Mickey Kaus: “Illegal immig. hasn’t “continued to surge” (it’s normal …) but Trump’s utter failure to pass ANY immmig-control measures (wall/E-Verify/loophole closing) is stunning. Either he doesn’t know how to use Pres. power or chose not to.”

* Washington Post: Trump hits a wall on curbing illegal immigration.

* Heartiste: Female Xenophilia As Revenge Fantasy

* Why are modern men obsessed with self-improvement?

* Microsoft threatens

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