Will Maxine Waters Chair The Committee On Financial Affairs?

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* …when I was younger and worked for a House Democrat, Maxine Waters was considered a total joke by most of her own caucus – at Financial Services hearings, she repeatedly demonstrated that she didn’t have even the most rudimentary understanding of most of the issues under the committee’s jurisdiction.

Should she become chairwoman, not only should the opposition highlight her lack of knowledge repeatedly, it should also flog the fact that she lives a life (and district) completely different from her constituents and how little her influence in Congress has meant for them.

* Is there some reason why the average ISteve reader should give a damn about the Republican Party?

* The average iStever reader is probably a white American who is deeply concerned about the future of this nation. Yes, most definitely yes, they should give a damn about the Republican party. And before anyone writes “they’re just both sides of the same party”, or “the Republicans are just as bad as the Democrats”, consider the following:

1) It should be abundantly clear to anyone reading this blog that the Republican party has been for some time the white party and will become even more the white party in the future. If you are a white American you really have no other choice. It’s like a homesteader who doesn’t get the choicest piece of land. You make do with what you have and try to make it as good as possible. So whatever you think of the Republicans, it’s your party now and you should get involved and try to make it better.

2) The Democrats and the media have finally shown what many have suspected. They are anti-white. Steve’s tweeting and selection of blog posts over the weekend is testament to how out in the open they are about their anti-white animus. So iSteve readers know their choice has been made for them. There is no option to iStevers for the Democrat party.

3) We have guys like Speaker Paul “Cuck” Ryan and Senators Corker and Flake quitting. These are some of the people who justify the saying that Republicans are “just as bad as the Democrats”. They are quitting because the Republican party is finally changing. It is changing into something more of us on this blog can accept. And it’s only the beginning.

4) Many neocons and nevertrumpers have left the Republican party. The cleaning continues.

5) Even big donors like the Cuck Brothers have been publicly attacked by Trump and the Republicans. So the party is changing.

The list goes on and I won’t bore you. I am sure others can add items similar to the above. The point to take is that if you are an iSteve reader you have no choice. And despite your past opinions of the GOP, there are signs that the Republican party is changing to our view. Is it there yet? No. But we have seen more movement in the past 18 months than anything I’ve seen in my lifetime. Now is not the time to stop or pause and complain. Now is the time to keep your foot on the pedal and continue with this transformation.

But here is the kicker. All of this progress we’ve seen over the past 18 months can and will be stopped if the Republicans lose the House in November. Not only must iSteve readers accept that the GOP is their party, they must actively support it this election cycle or risk having our momentum stalled or completely stopped by a Democrat House.

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