‘My Fellow Youtube Commentators’

Colin Liddell writes:

On my latest appearance on Luke Ford’s YouTube livestream I made a few comments that referred to the way in which idiots like Richard Spencer allowed the Alt-Right to be subverted and destroyed by shills/ plants/ Nazitards/ morons (take your pick).

When you do such a thing, there is almost always immediate push back, with mysterious shitposters appearing, trying to distort, obfuscate, or rewrite the narrative, and of course make ad hominem attacks.

That’s because these are planned operations.

Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to nail some of this down, so that it would be harder for sinister parties to try to backtrack and obfuscate on what actually happened to the once promising movement of the Alt-Right.

One of the points I made was that the (((Daily Stormer))) was clearly doing all in its power to create a situation by which the Alt-Right could be deplatformed and demonetized. Right now the (((Nazitard))) narrative is that Big Tech was always going to deplatform and demonetize the Alt-Right anyway, which fits in with their usual advice that you may as well be as 1488 as possible “because fuck it!”

This is a complete lie. Big Tech with its leftist culture had a soft commitment to free speech that they needed to be triggered out of. The actions of the Daily Stormer were consistent with attempting to create an excuse for Big Tech to remove Alt-Right content from the internet. Because America had a stronger cultural and constitutional commitment to free speech, whoever was directing this operation decided to attack Big Tech in Europe.

This was the correct tactical thing to do. Compared to the US, Europe is a welter of “hate speech” and “thought crime” laws. Banging on about “ovens” and “lampshades” in the US might well be ignored, but in Europe it simply can’t be. Also, all the Big Tech companies that operate in America have an equal exposure in Europe, and certainly don’t want to run the completely separate services that would be necessary to recognise the differences in free speech legality.

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