Steve Sailer: Why Sarah Jeong’s Racist Hatred Is A-OK with the NYT

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* The basic context in Jeong’s mind is that she has to live on a planet on which most of the good stuff was invented by the ancestors of white people, which ticks her off no end.

* A remarkable fraction of today’s opinion journalism consists of blatantly self-interested promotion of racial and gender hate by non-white-men.

* I’m actually rather surprised that a graduate of Berkeley and Harvard Law School was this direct and crass about “dumbass fucking white people,” rather than wrapping it in pseudo-intellectual koanic fluff about “people who think they are white,” or “privilege,” or “the patriarchy.” I guess Twitter lets out the raw id in anybody, if they’re not careful.

Sarah’s partner:

* I think it’s funny how the New York Times does this, and then still pretends that Trump voters are crazy for thinking that the media is their enemy.

When they hire someone who explicitly says that they’re the enemy, it’s hard to believe that they’re genuinely mystified when people believe them.

* And what are you ppl gonna do about it? Complain on the internet?

The left can shame, deplatform and run their enemies out of jobs. How ’bout you?

* Why is no one talking about the direct corollary in the hiring and firing of white journalist Quinn Norton?

She had used the terms “fag” and “tard” on 4chan as part of her beat, most likely as suffixes, and certainly not with any prejudice or animosity. And she admitted being friends with Weev during his hacktivist days. For these alone she was fired the same day she was hired to the NYT editorial board.

No one is saying the name Quinn Norton but they should. Her “crimes” were far less egregious than Jeong’s and perfectly highlight the double standard, and the fact that the Times doesn’t actually care about free speech or second chances or any other phony cant. They are anti-white.

* What is even funnier in Sarah Jeong’s twitter contact history, is that she had some quite warm banter with Andrew Auernheimer aka Weev, the clever computer – hacker whiz, who co-runs Andrew Anglin’s ‘neo-Nazi’ Daily Stormer site …

Weev is the brilliant guy who kept the Stormer online for the last year, cycling thru a whole series of domain names whilst under continual savage seizures of url names and hosting platforms, using Tor and web-to-Tor links and other work-arounds for their millions of readers in the interim

Château Heartiste is speculating that Sarah Jeong is ‘Weev’s heartbroken waifu’ or at least wanted to bed him

Also interesting in this tangle is that this man Weev who co-runs the ‘neo-nazi’ Daily Stormer, is Jewish

Weev being Jewish, and co-running the world’s leading neo-nazi website (!), has led some to speculate that the Daily Stormer is actually intel-agency-run ‘controlled opposition’

Weev apparently used to do pro-Israel hasbara propaganda. Weev got sent to US prison on hacking charges, then released with a ‘surprising legal victory’, upon which the formerly pro-Tel-Aviv propagandist began helping to run the Stormer

Some say maybe the US & Israeli gov agencies set up the Stormer, in order to put anti-Zionist and race-spite material into such an extreme meme-cartoon form its effect is contained, plus the agencies get to track who is reading and commenting there

Obviously tho a lot of people read the Weev’s Stormer … Stories first seen there often show up some hours or a day later on finance news mega-site ZeroHedge

And Sarah Jeong is a fan of Weev!

* In fact, of all the people on Twitter I’ve seen defending Jeong — Helen Rosner, Jesse Singal, Matt Yglesias, Zack Beauchamp, and some guy not worth naming — every one of them has been Jewish. What’s up with that?

* Sarah Jeong is showing herself as a dumb SJW and nothing more. Her repulsive tweets make herself, her co-ethnics(incl. me), Berkeley, Harvard Law and now the NYTimes look bad. The excuse that she was somehow “provoked” into sending those tweets are just weak. With her educational background she should’ve shown more class and tact. Instead she simply showed what a classless racist lunatic she really is. I don’t know how anyone of any right mind could ever take her seriously.

* The great irony is she’s imitating white people in the colleges she attended.

Ivies are filled with anti-white Jews and ‘good white’ cucky-wucks who think they are so goody good cuz they attack other whites. So, Jeong’s anti-whiteness is really just imitation of Jewish anti-whiteness and white cucky-wuck self-hatred. But I’m sure she’s oppose to identity and nationhood of her own kind. She’s a globalist with red/green hair.

She imitates and follow the Narrative that says everything bad must be traced back to whites. It’s a game taught to kids from cradle. As long as whites allowed Jews to create a New Narrative and played cucky-wuck by hailing Diversity while attacking even the slightest vestige of white identity, people like Jeong will be dime-a-dozen.
I don’t think her anti-whiteness is grounded in envy of white achievement or any of that. If anything, Asians were far more backward vis-a-vis the White West than they are now. But they were more admiring because whites admired themselves back then.

Asians follow whites. If whites feel proud and admire their own civilization, Asians will follow. If whites hate whiteness, Asians will hate whiteness too. In essence, Jeong’s anti-whiteness obeys the logic of white self-hatred. After all, what chance would she have in the elite world if she said positive things about white civilization? Even whites at the top would shun her as ‘model minority uncle tom’ character. White masochists turned idiots like Jeong into dominatrix.

* We really need to appropriate anti-white rhetoric for our own ends. For example:

When goyim rail against Jews, that’s often shorthand for speaking out against the existing racial structure that serves to keep Jews in power. The jokes that goyim make at the expense of Jews are furthermore not supported by past and present state and corporate institutions. A Hebrew American telling a goy American to “go back to where you came from,” for instance, isn’t the same as an goy American saying the same to a Hebrew American, even if neither individual can claim ancestral roots as America’s first residents. To claim otherwise is to be blind to the history and social dynamics of this country.

* Anti-white is a better frame for conservatives than racist. Racist is overused and subject to competing definitions.

But denying Jeong’s repeated and explicit statements she hates white people are antiwhite is impossible. Antiwhite is also more specific and descriptive.

* These leftist academics – “decontextualized and ahistorified” indeed. It’s so simple a child can understand it. When you express hatred toward a group of people based simply on their race, it is, by definition, racist.

* So the Times and Jeong are on board for the ethnic cleansing of white people. They hired a known anti-white bigot, Jeong, and loosed that hydrophobe on the public. Yet they are the ones decrying Trump’s ‘the press is the enemy of the America people’ phrase as dangerous to journos.

* How ironic. This bug-eyed POS insults “old White men” at a time when DEAD YOUNG White men, who never got the chance to grow old, are having their remains brought back from South Korea, where they fought for this POS’s homeland, so she had a decent country of birth. Yet she is here in a Caucasian majority country.

Why not head on back to the RoK, Bug Eye?

And the funny thing is…….Caucasian people are probably the LEAST RAYSIS of all people in the world.

Asians? Have any of you been to Asia? They, along with Arab/Mohammedans, are probably the number one peoples when it comes to judging others by their ethnic heritage. Chinese, Japanese and Koreans lead the pack.

* One of the stupider things on twitter today (is that possible?) are the right wing (and other) commenters who are defending the Times for not “firing” Jeong — e.g., Ben Shapiro.

They are doing so on “principle” — the principle being that no one should ever be fired for tweets.

Truly this is mindless.

Are these commenters really going to argue that no set of tweets, no matter how vile, is sufficient to disqualify someone for a job, no matter how much that job may demand an appearance of freedom from bias?

It’s obvious to anyone but a fool that there are always going to be extremes which can’t be broached.

The tweets in question are not one-offs, but part of a large and recent pattern of vile and explicit bigotry. The job in question here is a position on the editorial board of the most influential newspaper in the country.

And one of the worst things about it is that the Times knew of those tweets in advance. This displays their open contempt for white people and men. They want us all to know that they just don’t care anymore to hide it.

* I think the point is to show you that the Rules don’t apply to them. They have the power, so they can destroy you, and then they can openly do the very thing they’ve destroyed you for with no consequence with only a ridiculous figleaf to explain why the situations are different (of course all parties know that the real reason is because they’re better than you). Begging them for consistency is an act of humiliation and debasement.

Where this eventually leads, I suppose, is reintroducing the Sarah Jeongs of the world to one of her people’s great inventions – gunpower.

* Look, we took in her family out of pity. Deeply humiliating to Koreans, who are very ethnocentric and more than a little resentful of whitey to begin with.

Then there are the generation(s) of Korean adoptees in America. Someone saw an opportunity for childless, race-blind whites in the West, because Koreans don’t adopt, not even other Koreans. Their orphanages could not place children with families in their own country, and (initially) were happy to have (white) Westerners take the problem off their hands.

But of course that’s problematic now, too. Quiet a few Korean adoptees reject the families that raised them. I knew a family with two Korean children; the daughter is loyal, the son moved back to Korea with inheritance from his ‘grandparents,’ and no longer speaks to the people who raised him at considerable expense in a wealthy part of Long Island.

Sarah J’s family came as immigrants, and you might expect some gratitude or appreciation for the people who offered her family a home, but you’d be wrong. The fact that she’s here because we felt sorry for her surely just adds to her rage.

Benjamin Franklin was right: “He that has done you a kindness will be more ready to do you another, than he whom you yourself have obliged.”

Her ingratitude is undignified, but there’s no pleasing some people, no matter how much you do for them.

* Glad you pointed out that those tweets are from 4 years ago – so she was 26 years old with a degree from Berkeley and in her last year at Harvard Law School (or had just graduated). Absent a traumatic brain injury, that makes her tweets even more outrageous. She’s supposedly a mature adult (at age 26) and in a highly elite class of educated woman. Yet she insisted on letting the world know through Twitter that she is more vapid, stupid, filthy and vile than any ghetto rapper. I wouldn’t hire her to clean toilets let alone write editorials.

* White “racists” are not permitted to offer excuses for what they say. They are instantly thrown overboard at the first sign of racism. They do not last a day. Sarah’s excuse would not fly. Saying it was a joke would not fly. Nothing would fly. Saying something racist for a white person is literally inexcusable. And no one will defend you, not even your friends on the “respectable right”. Anyone who defends you is himself a racist. You don’t want to be a racist, do you?

Somehow the same rules do not apply for Sarah.

The right should learn from this. Alinsky said to make the other side live up to their book of rules. They have now announced a new rule – it’s ok to say racist things if you were provoked. You get a free pass if you were provoked. Remember this rule the next time they try to throw a white person overboard because we are supposed to have one set of rules for everyone in this country.

* The doth-protest response from the NYT likely indicates there was no real vetting of Jeong’s Twitter history. At most, a cursory scan for expletives and slurs, with obvious red flags being ignored.

The NYT is conspicuously claiming they knew about her Tweets, because they are more concerned about being guilty of lazy fact-checking (“fake news”) than hiring a flagrant bigot.

* It would not surprise me if Jeong is quietly offered a severance in a few weeks and they mutually part ways. There will likely be some cover story about alt right online harassment causing her to leave. Or maybe she goes on some perpetual sabbatical.

The NYT has openly race bated before, but not in such an openly vitriolic and hostile way. They are probably looking for an exit, before it does long-lasting reputational damage or eventually leads to libelous reporting.

* One of the few things this boob evidently learned during her proximity to the establishment is that any critique of Jews, Zionists, Israel, or any prominent Jews is a career killer. If any such had been found this prog lassy would have been out on her butt faster than one could say “anti-Semite”.

* Like almost everyone, Anglin was caught off guard by what happened at Charlottesville. I think he thought it was a good idea at the time and wasn’t expecting the police to basically take the side of Antifa. Since then he has taken the (wise) position that our side can’t win in a street demonstration so that’s not the way to go.

I read the Stormer almost every day and Anglin has always been very careful about not allowing talk of violence or anything else that could lead to entrapment.

Anglin uses crass, immature humour and memes to get his point across. It may seem like a lark to you, but he’s been quite successful and I have no doubt that he’s completely sincere.

* I was having a conversation with a couple of boomers today and this was the top issue they brought up. They wanted to know if I had heard about the anti-white lady hired by the NY Times.

I think this is great. The more this stuff is out in the open, the better. We are in a race. Every day almost 3000 people are legally granted admission to the USA. A large quantity of those will eventually become citizens and vote in the near term for democrats. And they will have kids who will vote for the democrats in 18 years.

There are an enormous amount of whites still voting for the democrats. We need them to recognize what’s in store for them so that they will leave the democrats faster than the paper-work Americans can be added to the voting registry. And stuff like this will help.

If the other side were smart they’d be quiet. Time is on their side. But their hatred knows no bounds and they have already broken into their touchdown dances.

Trump needs to tweet about this gal and bring her up at the rallies from here until November.

* A good friend is an administrator at a very large public university. As part of their regular “Diversity and Inclusion” encounter sessions they’re required to certify that they do not have any racists among their acquaintance. That’s a step beyond what I knew. But it sort of makes sense–you can’t consort with the enemy. Their ideas might contaminate you, or confuse you, or just complicate things. Racism is like intellectual cooties. And that’s about the level upon which university administrators work.

Yeah, this person has to pretend not to know me, though I don’t particularly consider myself racist. I am connected to reality, though, and that’s generally enough to send these people over the edge.

* Debt of Gratitude Timeline of Sarah Jeong

S. Korean grandparents rescued from certain defeat by the North Korean army during the Korean war by the Americans, preventing them from generations of suffering under Communist oppression. Thanks White Men!

S. Korean family protected because S. Korea protected during Armistice from N. Korean army by the Americans. Thanks White Men!

S. Korean family gains dramatically in prosperity because of S. Korean nation building by Americans. Thanks White Men!

S. Korean family gains dramatically in prosperity because S. Korea brought from third world to first world by nation building efforts and adopting the technologies and practices created almost exclusively by White Men. Thanks White Men!

Parents travel to US on planes invented by White Men. Thanks White Men!

Parents shown tremendous generosity by being allowed to immigrate to the US, a land of great opportunity and prosperity. Thanks White Men!

Parents likely shown tremendous generosity in being given special minority-based benefits in setting up a small business or at hiring time that the ‘evil whites’ in the majority exclude themselves from. Thanks White Man!

Sarah Jeong receives tremendous generosity being provided a K-12 education largely paid for by the sweat of ‘evil white’ taxpayers. Thanks White Men!

Sarah Jeong and her family live in a society where the infrastructure, police, etc. are largely paid for by the sweat of ‘evil white’ taxpayers. Thanks White Men!

Being provided privileged opportunities to receive scholarships denied to the ‘evil white’ majority as well as being permitted to even attend elite Universities in the US. Thanks White Men!

Received first real world opportunity to write by a helping hand from a white man, Parker Higgins. Thanks White Man!

Having the opportunity to screw white guys instead of an Asian guy by virtue of being allowed to live in the US. Thanks White Men!

Being offered the opportunity to serve at one of the most prestigious newspapers in the US, created by whites, carried through its entire existence by whites. Thanks White Men!

Given a free pass for Hitleriffic personal views by same newspaper by virtue of being an Asian female and a leftist. Thanks White Men!

* Not just the editors at the New York Times, but all kinds of people in media, in academia, in lobbying groups and deep inside the state right now are doing the equivalent of what Richard Feynman called “tickling the tail of a sleeping dragon.”

If they are not careful, or even if they are, they might just go too far. They might push a critical mass of their victims together and cause a chain reaction that would result in more than just protests.

They might end up like Louis Slotin.

* Why hasn’t it occurred to anyone to hold a protest outside the New York Times building because of this? We should be doing it whenever the Times pulls crap like this.

Occupy the New York Times. Occupy the Washington Post. Occupy CNN. They deserve it.

* She is a hater and the pictures don’t come close to her deep ugliness. A Korean-American with a white dorky boyfriend named Nimbus (really), she made her name at Harvard as an uncontrollable ‘progressive’ fanatic and that played well with Harvard professors.

Among her personal achievements was the time she had a feud with her roommate (also a Korean) and bought a small beeping device to put in his mattress to keep him from sleeping. A true unhinged hater, those tweets are how she thinks, that’s how she talks. NY Times might come to regret associating with her. Or maybe they know and she is the kind of a cadre they think will be needed in the coming escalated ‘resistance’. I think Nimbus left her.

* This vile woman or her forebears came to this country designed and built by whites and all she has to offer in return is contempt and vitriol for the very people whose labors she enjoys today. I see a similar attitude in many Indians.

* It’s occurred to everyone, I daresay, but the Establishment–from the Police to the Court System to the Google Face Recognition Software–is on the other side. They and their footsoldiers can commit any crime they like and their MSM and ‘justice system’ will cover for them. We, on the other hand, will lose our jobs, and likely end up in jail, disowned by our loved ones after they read (more likely watch) the MSM version of events. And unlike the so-called “Antifa” we’re not permitted to wear masks.

* Paula Deen was fired for using a slur referring to a guy who held a gun to her head.

* I copied Ms. Joeng’s tweets but replaced the word “white” with “Jew” on posted them on Twitter. Took about an hour but they gave me a timeout.

* On July 6, all the remaining rioters arrested at Trump’s inauguration had their charges dropped. Washington DC juries refused to convict those brought to trial. Those who protest on our side cannot expect this kind of leniency.

* Whenever they spew this ridiculous guano about how its “impossible to be racist against white people” we must respond with something better than nuh-uh.

“Stop unpersoning me.”

It’s a good word to use, and we should define it in moral terms as far worse than mere racism.

They redefined the meaning of racism to fit their schemes, and “language is dynamic.” Ok, fine. You arent racist. You are unpersoning and that is far worse. It means you can do anything to the unpersoned, even kill them. Which is clearly the goal, or why do it? Unpersoners are murderers. Treat them accordingly.

* It’s getting hard to keep up: racism is “systemic;” racism only happens when punching down; racism is “intersectional.” The complexities and penumbrae of “racism” keep subdividing, all to justify the Left’s core belief: white people are racist by virtue of existing, and non-whites can never be racist. Hence, “racism” isn’t a substantive concept. It’s a fluid, rhetorical device to beat people over the head with. We need to stop caring about this term, “racism.”

I welcome the NY Times’ hire of anti-white shrew Sarah Jeong. I hope they and other major media organs hire more like her. It’s clarifying.

* First, who exactly is Sarah Jeong? Why is she being given a job on the editorial page of the newspaper of record in the US? Her CV seems to be pretty damned thin for that posting. She’s all of 30 years old and has not done much more than start some on-line, jumped-up blog about “wry takes on intellectual property issues.”

She was touted by Forbes as one of the “30 under 30″ in media, but based on what? Her blog lasted about a year in toto, and then she took up as a “contributing editor” to another virtual rag (“Motherboard” – whose ever heard of that?) She was the editor at Harvard Law of a pub called “The Journal of Law and Gender.” How influential is that, exactly? Beyond the obvious?

Writing is a matter of taste, of course, but when this “story” broke, I looked at a couple of her pieces, and to call them “wry,” what Forbes actually means is the typical smirking, too-earnest attempt to be ironic rubbish filled with words like “shit posting.” She’s not even too clever by half.

She’s not a writer. She has not real life experience. She’s all of 30. So she is given a job on one of the historically most significant editorial boards in the world. Based on nothing.

Second, and more to the point, while I “get” the argument about power, and punching up vs. punching down, and the idea of power dynamics in a majority white country, the whole thing seems to be pretty inapt here.

Defenders (like Rosenberg and Logan here, or Inka Koo in the other) would have you believe that it’s ridiculous to compare Jeong’s plainly anti-White tweets and the comments that “trolls” made to her on line because, well, Jeong is a helpless, powerless minority.

But let’s look at the facts here.

We have someone with the power of the megaphone, who has an cirtual platform (and now, with the NYT, a real one) to reach millions of people. She has, by her position, one would think, access to the powerful and the influential.

She can write or tweet or go on the radio and say things that have a ring of institutional “truth” behind them because she works for the powerful. As Steve would say, people like her who in the 19060s talked of sticking it to “the man” today are “the man.”

Yet we are made to believe that the real “powerful” person in this discussion is not Sarah Jeong, with her Harvard and Berkeley diplomas, her access to the corridors of power, and her megaphone. No. It’s some guy sitting in his basement trolling her with racist comments.

That is insane, sorry.

There is a power imbalance here, but it ain’t the one that Koo or Rosenberg imply.

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