WP: To Toronto’s embarrassment, a new alt-right challenger rises in Canada

From the Washington Post:

Once relatively mainstream and well-connected, over the past three years Goldy’s politics have exponentially become extreme. She was previously a mainstay of the Sun News Network and Conrad Black’s “The Zoomer,” but her increasing comfort with the toxic vocabulary and characters of white nationalism has exiled her to ever-darker corners of the internet’s underground. Following widespread denunciation of her sympathetic coverage of the Charlottesville rioters, she was fired last year from Rebel Media after a cheerful appearance on a podcast run by the viciously anti-Semitic Daily Stormer.

Goldy’s audacious but significant candidacy — she is surely the highest-profile alt-right celebrity to seek elected office — is deeply embarrassing to the city and is likely to be ignored by its press and politicians. Years of celebrity have probably earned her more admirers than many care to contemplate, however, and her racialized rhetoric panders to real anxiety over surging gun violence. It would no doubt expose awkward truths about the city’s pretenses of unqualified tolerance if her run were treated seriously.

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