Debating Ben Shapiro’s Unprincipled Position on Disgraced Disney Director James Gunn

* Ali Alexander and Jonathan Lockwood write:

“A man may be judged by his standard of entertainment as easily as by the standard of his work,” preached arch-conservative commentator Ben Shapiro in his gospel Porn Generation: How Social Liberalism is Corrupting Our Future. These words seem empty as just days ago Shapiro hurried to the defense of far-left Guardians of the Galaxy writer and director James Gunn, who has come under fire for salacious commentary promoting pedophilia.

Gunn didn’t just make an off-color joke or engage in some dirty 21st century locker room talk. Gunn’s thousands of pedophiliac tweets, which have since been deleted, were unequivocally evil. So evil, that Disney fired Gunn faster than when ABC fired Roseanne Barr for slamming Valerie Jarrett in a tweet reply. What’s bad enough for Disney though is apparently good enough for the former author of how social liberalism literally brings about Armageddon.

The question many are asking: what additional information does Disney have on Gunn?

Late Thursday night, Mike Cernovich, a centrist social writer-activist and childrens advocate who has aligned himself with right-wing political movements over the past two years, began sharing Gunn’s insidious tweets. Less than 12 hours after Cernovich, who was amplified by One America News’ Jack Posobiec and the film, An Open Secret, which documents the systemic sexual child abuse found throughout Hollywood, began sharing this evidence with the public Disney fired Gunn from the upcoming sequel.

Gunn tweeted these comments in his forties. He is reportedly worth $100 million and the writer-director of a teen film series. These aren’t tweets from a college kid trying to get attention, or a rising standup comedian trying to bombast their way into the public spotlight. This wasn’t a careless retweet, or a foolishly shared comic. These comments should be damning to anyone, like Shapiro, who strategically positions themselves on the most archaic of social conservatism.

Strange, isn’t it? Maybe not. Shapiro grew up, and still lives, in Hollywood. His mother is a power-player within the industry and his cousins are actors Mara Wilson and Daniel Ben Wilson.

The podcaster takes every opportunity to contrast himself with Cernovich, falsely labelling the centrist “far-right” in an attempt to collude with the Hollywood powers that be; that same Shapiro who publicly and privately worked to de-platform Milo Yiannopoulos after old controversial comments resurfaced; that same Shapiro who believes “ABC was right to dump Roseanne [Barr]” from the hit show, Roseanne, after comments that were labeled racial. (They totally weren’t racist, by the way.)

Memed, by corporate media, as the intellectual of the conservative millennial generation, this controversy exposed a glaring lack of consistency that even his allies aren’t willing to defend. In more than a decade of politics, I can’t recall two situations with so few variables. This is where Shapiro’s “facts don’t care about your feelings” axiom appears to be more of a disarming debate tactic than a tenet he holds true in his own life. Both Barr and Gunn made comments using the Twitter platform. Disney is the parent corporation for both productions in question. Shapiro claimed he used a free market standard to reason away Barr’s firing and now we know that not to be the case.

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