Forward: ‘Jewish Doctor Apologizes For White Nationalist Writings’

People shouldn’t put their names on writings they can’t stand behind. Don’t write checks that you can’t cash. Don’t talk like a tough guy if you can’t walk the walk.

There are thousands of Orthodox Jews in America who basically agree with the guy.

If people on the Right are going to get doxxed for their political opinions, then how long till the Right retaliates in kind?

Why should Black Lives Matter activists get to hold down good jobs if their white and Jewish equivalents are persecuted?

These type of stories make the Left appear to be a thousand times more organized, dedicated, ruthless and powerful than the Right at this time in the West.

This Orthodox Jewish doctor said that Muslims are a bad fit with Western civilization. Many Muslims are clear that non-Muslims are a bad fit with Islamic civilization, so what’s the crime in his point of view?

What political opinions are doctors not allowed to hold these days?

Let’s suppose this Jewish doctor was a Jewish nationalist or a Palestinian nationalist or a black nationalist or a Japanese nationalist? Would he face similar persecution? Of course not.

From the Forward:

A Jewish doctor in New York City who has been “placed off duty” by his hospital after being accused of writing hateful comments on a white nationalist website has apologized.

“I am filled with remorse and take full responsibility for my actions, which will long be an embarrassment to my family, friends, colleagues, and community,” Dov Bechhofer wrote in a statement shared with the Forward.

Bechhoffer advocated for a white ethnostate and the deportation of Muslims, mused about the possibility of armed racial revolution, expressed disgust with interracial relationships and wrote what he called “A Jewish Defense of Anti-Semitism.”

Bechhofer’s online identity, including his comments on the blog of the white-nationalist publishing house Counter-Currents, was revealed in an article that briefly appeared on the website Medium on Monday before being taken down because it also shared his home address and contact information.

Paper copies of the since-deleted original article were distributed in Bechhofer’s building on Tuesday by an unknown party, a resident of that building told the Forward.

The person who revealed Bechhofer’s identity told the Forward on Tuesday that the investigation was done “so his neighbors know who he is and who they’re living near. Just like child sex offenders get registered.”

Bechhofer’s statement went on to denounce bigotry and violence and said he is “actively seeking long-term professional help to deal with these issues, which must be confronted honestly and completely.”

“While I have much soul-searching and work to do on myself, I intend to take actions for the rest of my life that promote the dignity of all humanity,” he concluded.

Bechhofer’s hospital, Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, said in a statement that Bechhofer would remain off duty pending the results of an investigation. The hospital made a point to clarify to the local news site Gothamist that being taken off duty was different than being suspended.

Next Monday, the hospital will be the site of a protest calling for Bechhofer to be fired and have his medical license revoked, organized by a self-described “revolutionary mass organization” called SPARC.

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