Is This Jewish Doctor Secretly A White Nationalist?

From the Forward:

Jewish doctor at a New York City hospital has been “placed off duty” after an article posted online Monday claimed that he was Facebook friends with white supremacists and had frequently commented on some of the web’s most high-profile hate sites, including the writing of “A Jewish Defense of Anti-Semitism” and approving reflections on armed racial revolution.

The article about Dov Bechhofer, a doctor who works at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, based its accusations on links to Bechhofer’s since-deleted Facebook page and screenshots of the writings of someone who goes by “Dov” in the comments section of the blog for white nationalist publishing house Counter-Currents.

The piece briefly appeared on the website Medium before being taken down for violating the site’s rules against “doxxing,” or revealing private information. The article included Bechhofer’s alleged mail and email address, phone number and social media accounts…

Most American Jews skew liberal, and even politically conservative Jews often pride themselves on their anti-racism. Bechhofer’s father, a rabbi, has frequently spoken out against prejudice as a leader of the group Orthodox Jews Against Racism and Discrimination. Yet the rise of the “alt-right,” a loose movement of racists and white nationalists, has seen some Jews join its adherents despite many of its leaders’ professed anti-Semitism.

Such behavior exists on a spectrum: On one end are Jews like White House senior advisor Stephen Miller or New York lawyer Aaron Schlossberg, whose anti-immigrant statements have been accused by critics of being racially tinged. On the other end are Jews who explicitly advocate for white ethnostates — including former American Nazi Party leaders Frank Collin and Dan Burros and, now, Bechhofer. The difference is that unlike those two, Bechhofer is open about his Judaism in white supremacist spaces.

Spencer Sunshine, an associate fellow at the think tank Political Research Associates who studies far-right movements, told the Forward that it wasn’t unusual for a Jew to support white nationalism or even white supremacy…

“Just from his Facebook account alone, you can see that he’s a white supremacist,” the investigator, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of retribution, told the Forward. “He’s friends with a dozen other white supremacists…and so unless there’s some impostor that’s running that Facebook account, I think Dov is certainly a white supremacist.”

The commenter “Dov” frequently appeared underneath articles on Counter-Currents, which Sunshine described as “at the highest intellectual level of discourse in the white nationalist crowd.”

Participating in its forums shows that Bechhofer was on the “hardcore” edge of the right, Sunshine added: “He’s not just a white American Jew who doesn’t like immigrants, it’s on another level.”

From the comments section:

* There are racial differences in intelligence, and the facts about IQ and race have a great deal of explanatory power regarding the racial inequalities that we observe throughout the world
For example, MRI scans of living human brains have now revealed that Chinese Japanese and Koreans have larger brains than white European people, they score higher on IQ tests than white people, and they do all the things we associate with a group of people having a high IQ. They acquire more academic qualifications than whites on average, have lower criminality than whites, lower rates of illegitimacy, earn more, less substance abuse, and generally are at or near the top of all the positive social indices and near or at the bottom of all the negative social indices.
Darwin’s theory of evolution, which all intelligent people are supposed to accept as broadly true, predicts that when a species is separated into different colonies owing to some contingency such as natural disaster or the search for food, then over a long period of time the several coloniores will evolve different attributes owing to the particular environmental pressures they are severally subjected to. The human brain is not exempted from this rule.

All the above is either observable fact or established science. These are the sorts of facts that “alt-right” people acknowledge as true and think should be more widely known so that rational decisions can be made about public policy. If the doctor in the article believes it too then how can he be blamed for it? You can’t choose what to believe, at least if you claim to be a rational agent.

* Hi Kressel,
I’m the one who gathered and released this information on Dov Bechhofer. My motivation for this came from an anti-fascist perspective. During my research I saw that his father was very active in anti-racist efforts, and I respect him for that. But unfortunately the apple did fall very far from the tree. While the original article I posted on Medium has been taken down, back-up versions can be found at the two links below. Please take a look for yourself at the evidence.

Dov Bechhofer is a white supremacist doctor that works at the Montefiore Medical Center located in the Bronx. Online, Dov frequently posts comments on the website of Counter-Currents, a white supremacist publishing firm (not to be confused with, and on Facebook he is friends with roughly a dozen white supremacist authors ( Dov also created a Facebook group for supporters of the American Renaissance (, a white supremacist website and annual conference that promotes eugenics and pseudo-scientific racism to an audience of neo-Nazis, KKK members, and other white supremacists.

What Dov believes, in his own words
Dov wants to create a white ethnostate (a white-only nation)
“… I’ve written in previous comments that in White ethnostates (which I hope to see materialize ASAP)…”
“[T]o what extent are White Nationalists ready to establish a distinct nation — say, within North America?”
“Garden-variety “conservatives” need to be made to understand that the age of racial neutrality is over.”
Obviously, the creation of a white ethnostate requires the forced deportation of all people of color. Dov recognizes this fact.
“I think he presented his side rather well, as far as considering the unforeseen negative consequences that could arise from the soft expulsion of non-Whites from America (although, I doubt that China would have much use for the departing Blacks and Hispanics). However, the immediacy of the salvaging of White nations overrides abstract concerns, so I’d say the fight would be worthwhile.”
Dov supports armed revolution to create a white-only nation
“The essential question is: are Whites still capable of armed revolution? […] Will Whites ever assign enough importance to their race that they would be willing to die in the fight for its preservation? […] I’m not optimistic about this, although I do my best to change the dynamics.”
“[A]ll the signs point to extra-democratic solutions now being the only way for the various ethnicities of the White race to save themselves. The great question is how to overcome the differential of firepower between government and citizen.”
Dov’s comments show that he is comfortable with violence, even lethal violence, such as at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville where neo-Nazi James Fields plowed his car into a crowd of protestors, killing one and injuring nearly 30 others.
“I will say that if electors change their votes and elect Clinton, blood must flow.”
“[I]n my judgment, the significant damage resulting from Charlottesville has little to nothing to do with Fields’s action with his car.”
“My main problem wasn’t with the unforeseeable act of Fields.”
“To me, the major failure of U the R was not the violence.”
If a white militia is formed with the intent of engaging in armed conflict to create a white ethnostate, they will quickly understand that it is far easier to terrorize and massacre marginalized people and try to scare others into leaving than it is to try to overthrow the US government, which has the most powerful military in the world. History shows this is repeatedly what violent white supremacists end up choosing (and, even if the government were overthrown, the loss of rights and forced deportations would be just as violent). And Dov already views people of color as a hostile enemy.
“Open your eyes and look at the footage of the protests. It *is* you vs them.”

View post on

(This comment is in response to someone who says that Trump is racist, xenophobic, and misogynist and promotes an “us versus them mentality.” By ‘footage of the protests’ we can only imagine that Dov is referring to Black Lives Matter)
Dov has paranoid beliefs of white victimhood
“[…] Whites are being subjected to a concerted attack by ‘people of color’ […]”
“[W]hen the Coalition of the Colored has amassed sufficient strength, it won’t be searching for White females, homosexuals, wimpy males, etc. upon whom to bequeath equal opportunity and consideration. White females are next on the chopping block.”
“[W]hen it comes to *interracial* violence, Whites overwhelmingly get the short end of the stick.”

View post on

Dylan Roof, who massacred 9 black church members in Charleston in 2015, cited in his manifesto misleading statistics on interracial crime as one of his motivations. Disturbingly, Dov’s comment above was in response to a news article discussing this fact.
“The reference to “civil rights” (read: endless pandering toward non-Whites) as the state religion captures the threat that faces the White race.”
That’s maybe worth repeating… Dov views civil rights as a threat to the white race.
“Whites owe nothing to the rest of the world, and everything to their own peoples. Period.”
“Do I despise Blacks like Kaepernick for milking the White cow despite the fact that he, his race, and all others are already in such objective debt to Whites? Absolutely.”
Dov wants to deport all Muslims
He wants to deport all people of color, but Muslims especially so.
“[Muslims] must all be repatriated and deported from Europe.”
“[Geert Wilders is] a hero of mine, but he’s too soft; [Muslims] must *all* be deported, regardless of whether they’ve committed crimes.”
“The West has no use for [Muslims], and they’ll be just fine when they go home.”

View post on

Dov wants to shoot undocumented immigrants at the border and deport them at hospitals
“Why not just skip the wall and post militias on the border, with orders to shoot illegals?”
(In response to the statement that providing transplants to undocumented patients might save the government money)
“The obvious alternative is to follow the law and deport the illegal aliens in question.”

View post on

Dov wants to revoke voting rights and make life inhospitable for hispanic people of color
“As long as the ball starts rolling in making the country an inhospitable environment for illegals, it may be enough for demographics to favor a Republican victory in 2020.”
Note that Dov, a well-educated and articulate writer, mentioned ‘illegals’ while discussing elections. Extreme racists have a habit of viewing any hispanic person of color as ‘illegal’. Dov is likely doing the same. This view is reinforced by the following quote.
“[I]f Trump does not, in his first term, enact policies that to some degree mitigate the mestizo vote […] White interests in America are *finished* WRT electoral power.”
The above quote shows that Dov wants to disenfranchise hispanic people of color. In the next quote, he makes it clear that legality does not matter to him, he just wants it done.
“if we’re fortunate, [Bannon] will advise Trump to take the necessary steps to ensure that by 2020, the voting power of illegal Hispanics will be slashed. I have no doubt that there are any number of other mechanisms (executive order-driven or not… I no longer care) by which a president could influence electoral power.”
Dov views increases in the populations of non-whites as a threat to the white race
“If we take the birth of a non-White in isolation from all context, that birth is not inherently a tragedy for the White race. [… M]y point is the principle that the loss of a White child is far worse than the birth of a non-White, at least in theory.”
“[T]he real threats to the White race (demographically speaking) are the Middle-Easterners and Asians.”
Dov is repulsed by ‘miscegenation’ (the interbreeding of races)
“To me, the greatest threat Asians in general pose to Whites is that of miscegenation.”
“I’d say that bringing our daughter (or son ) into the den and explaining — with gentle but deadly seriousness — how devastating interracial “relationships” can be both for the family and for the miscegenator is the best approach.”
“I imagine that almost every person who identifies as paleoconservative gets a sour taste in one’s mouth at the thought of miscegenation.”
Dov believes people of color are driven by ‘tribal pursuits’
“Non-Whites don’t (generally) operate in the same Right/Left paradigm, as they’re more driven by self-serving tribal pursuits.”
Dov is anti-Semitic (despite being Jewish)
“I’ve had it in my head to write a little something called “A Jewish Defense of Anti-Semitism”, but it’s been slipping my mind. In short, the vocal majority of Jews act so irritatingly and display such reprehensible attitudes ” that “if there is another Holocaust, it will be entirely of their doing (I don’t get too into the genesis of the first one… I once tried, but mouths fell open and I was practically kicked out of the apartment). So, yes — I like to see (((them))) named and exposed where relevant.”
The three parenthesis in ‘(((them)))’ above is called an echo. Its used by neo-Nazis to draw attention to Jewish people and Jewish groups. The echo was invented and popularized on the neo-Nazi website The Right Stuff in 2014.
“Jewish activities, on the whole, have been detrimental to European societies. [… A]voidance [of the Jewish Question] has its tactical advantages […] it actually allows for plausible deniability.”
The ‘Jewish Question’ is the infamous question Nazis discuss about how the Jewish people should be dealt with.
“From youth, Jews are inculcated with a sense of perennial, unimpeachable victimhood. This pathology leads to a great number of deleterious effects on host societies.”
“I’m simply pointing out that there are a large number of Jews who are, in fact, fully invested in the professional victim persona. I don’t advocate philo-Semitism; to the contrary, I’ve written in previous comments that in White ethnostates, Jews must be considered foreign elements.”
“I’m all for placing appropriate responsibility on Jews for their anti-White activities.”
“[I]t’s clearer with each passing day that from functional and practical standpoints, [Jewish people] need to be considered either non-White or perennially anti-White concerning aspirations of and strategies for the White race moving forward.”
“Again, *I* don’t care about swastikas, but >99% of the country does.”

Contact Dov’s Hospital
Dov’s white supremacist beliefs are grossly incompatible with his responsibilities as a doctor, and he is a danger not only to his community but particularly to his patients. Please contact Dov’s employers and voice your concerns about him providing medical care…

Linking Dov Bechhofer to his online comments
Dov’s Facebook page alone links him to white supremacy (as we mentioned, with evidence, above). However, Dov has also posted dozens of horrendous comments on the white supremacist website Counter-Currents under the handle ‘Dov’. We believe that he should be held accountable for everything he has said and believes, and we want his family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors to have no doubt in their minds as to who wrote those comments. We list seven points of agreement between Dov Bechhofer and the user ‘Dov’ on Counter-Currents. The first three points alone make it overwhelmingly likely that its the same person.
Grew up near Chicago until he was 11, has lived near NYC since then
On Counter-Currents, ‘Dov’ says that he “has spent all of his life within one-hour radii of Chicago and NYC” ( In another comment, he says he was “raised for 11 years in Chicago” as a kid (
On Dov’s Facebook account, he lists his hometown as Chicago, his current city as NYC, and he doesn’t list any other cities he’s lived in ( According to his father’s Facebook account, his father moved to the Chicago area in 1989, the year Dov was born, lived there 11 years and, after completing a university degree, moved to Monsey, NY (which is close to NYC) and has lived there ever since (
Is a resident doctor
On Counter-Currents, in comments on three different articles ‘Dov’ revealed that he works “in the medical field,” that he’s a “physician,” and that he’s “still training for [his] ultimate profession” (,, Perhaps most revealing is his mention of working “in the call room with a bunch of other resident doctors” ( We also found half a dozen comments he made discussing medical issues in detail, showing an advanced knowledge of medicine.
Dov Bechhofer is a doctor in a residency program at the Montefiore hospital. Online, this fact appears to be exclusively listed on his profile ( . His employment was confirmed to us in early July by someone who personally knows Dov.
Is Jewish… and is anti-Semitic
Although it seems quite absurd, the commenter ‘Dov’ on Counter-Currents is an anti-Semitic Jewish person. While we have found several anti-Semitic comments made by ‘Dov’, we think the following lengthy quote will suffice (
“I’ve had it in my head to write a little something called ‘A Jewish Defense of Anti-Semitism’, but it’s been slipping my mind. In short, the vocal majority of Jews act so irritatingly and display such reprehensible attitudes — publicly and privately — that I’d rather see a “tempered” anti-Semitism now than see Jewish perfidy continue without consequence until, as Johnny Cash might say, the man comes around. Because he will. As I frequently tell Jewish acquaintances, if there is another Holocaust, it will be entirely of their doing (I don’t get too into the genesis of the first one… I once tried, but mouths fell open and I was practically kicked out of the apartment). So, yes — I like to see (((them))) named and exposed where relevant.”
Dov Bechhofer comes from an orthodox Jewish family. His father is a rabbi. Dov describes himself as being “personally SS/SK,” meaning he practices the Sabath and eats Kosher ( Dov has also posted an anti-Semitic comment with his Facebook account. Specifically, on a news article posted on the Facebook page of VDARE that complained about Judge Lynne Leibovitz’s handling of a court case, Dov posted the one-word comment “(((Leibovitz)))” ( Three parenthesis placed around a name is known as an ‘echo’ (notice it appeared in the quote in the previous paragraph as “(((them)))”). It is used exclusively on Jewish people and groups. By marking Jewish people, this practice feeds into the Nazi conspiracy theory that Jewish people dominate the world and are to blame for the plight of the white race. The echo was created in 2014 and popularized on the Nazi website The Right Stuff.
Likes Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, Gregory Hood, Spencer Quinn, and Brittany Pettibone
On Counter-Currents, ‘Dov’ praises Jared Taylor in various comments, saying for example that he learned of “the righteousness of White Nationalism” from Jared Taylor, and that Jared Taylor is “top-shelf material” (, And for American Renaissance, ‘Dov’ says that it “exemplifies quality” ( He also says that he “thoroughly enjoys” the writing of Gregory Hood and “always likes” the writing of Spencer Quinn (,
On Facebook, Dov is friends with Jared Taylor and Spencer Quinn. Dov also made a Facebook group for supporters of the American Renaissance, and in the group’s description he praised Jared Taylor ( He also wrote a comment recommending a “good” article by Gregory Hood (
As for Brittany Pettibone, Dov befriended her on Facebook in February of 2017 (, and just the following month ‘Dov’ was discussing on Counter-Currents how “remarkable” she is (
Following the snowboarder Travis Rice on Facebook
On Counter-Currents, ‘Dov’ stated “There’s only one athlete whom I follow on Facebook and actually think is living a live I wish I had — the snowboarder Travis Rice” ( This commet was from July 2016.
Currently, Dov Bechhofer is not following any athletes on Facebook. However, on April 27, 2017 Dov posted an angry comment, “Stick to snowboarding, dude,” on a post on Travis Rice’s Facebook page where Rice warned about global warming ( The fact the Dov interacted with Travis Rice’s post is a good indication that Dov had been following him. We suspect that Dov couldn’t get over his tantrum and that he stopped following Rice after this day.
Miami friends that are basketball fans
On Counter-Currents, ‘Dov’ goes on a snotty rant about his friends from Miami that are basketball fans. He mentions them being “accountants, lawyers, etc” (
Well, we found that on Facebook Dov has 4 friends who have lived in Miami and who are fans of the Miami Heat basketball team. One of them is an accountant and one of them is a lawyer (
Thoroughly enjoyed The Last King and The Last Kingdom
On Counter-Currents, ‘Dov’ said that he watched the TV shows The Last King and The Last Kingdom and “thoroughly enjoyed both” (
On Facebook, Dov likes only a measly 18 Facebook pages. But two of them are the Facebook pages for The Last King and The Last Kingdom (

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