How Is The Jewish Media Reacting To The Jewish State Declaring Itself The Jewish State?

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Joe: “Netanyahu is nothing special. His major asset is that much of the global media is Jewish-owned and therefore biased towards Israel. That same Jewish-owned media is biased against the United States and Europe except when they do boneheaded things such as inviting in hordes of Syrians and Mexicans.”

* International Jew: “Well, we can see that the Jewish-owned New York Times is none too supportive of this move.

Let’s play a game. You find a Jewish-owned media outlet that supports this new law, and I’ll match that with a Jewish-owned media outlet that doesn’t support it. We’ll add up their subscribers/viewers to keep score.

I’ve already taken my turn actually; I said “New York Times”. 500,000 print subscribers, 2,500,000 digital subscribers. Your turn, Joe.”

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