Women Tend To Regret Sex That Doesn’t Lead To Marriage

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* …things like hook-up culture (either in college or the workplace) are an anathema to most women. Whether they look back fondly on a particular sexual act or not depends not on the act itself in the moment but on the long term outcome. This is totally different from men. If they got drunk and banged the boss or some Haven Monahan this can be a positive or negative experience depending on whether they ended up advancing their career in a meaningful way/had a long term relationship, or (best option) got married.

Since most of these hookups don’t end up in marriage this culture ends up not being a good experience for most women. And since most careers, even very successful careers, provide very little fulfillment compared to friends and family, most women end up unhappy with the trades that they made.

* For a long time, whites have been well trained, or just naturally inhibited, against “carding” blacks. In the mid-90’s I was friendly with a 250 lb. black guy named Hodge, who made his living scalping tickets at big sporting events like the Indy 500, the Final Four, etc. I first met him at the Oakland Coluseum, and then he became a regular at the Mon-Wed-Fri noontime basketball game on the Berkeley campus. I just assumed he’d bought a community membership like I had, but then one day we entered the buikding together, and when the desk clerk asked him for his pass, he said, “don’t bother me with that pass stuff man, I ain’t got time for that,” and just waltzed through. If I’d done the same, the kids would’ve called the cops to haul me out, but he was a fixture there for years. Nice guy though – he’d introduce me to people as “cold lefhand J.”

* In other times and places one wouldn’t need to call the police for non-criminal events. One would just politely tell the other person that what they are doing is not allowed, or that a certain place is for members only.

In a diverse setting with blacks, there is both imagined and real risk that:

1) Confronting an unknown black in public could lead to a real physical altercation;

2) Even if a physical altercation is avoided, you could still land in hot water if the black claims you used racial slurs.

So whites increasingly opt to call the cops to insulate themselves from the above. Now that is being taken away. It does seem very coordinated as if someone turned on a light switch. This has obviously been going on for some time, but all of a sudden it’s all over the news.

It just goes to show how control of the media can be used to turn almost anything toxic overnight. If people like Buchanan and Coulter ran the media, we’d have 70 percent of Americans participating in the round up of illegal aliens just by spending a couple of months highlighting each day the various crimes and scams committed by them.

Instead we are hunting down whites who just want to avoid engaging with a black “keepin it real” while the big problems go unreported and unnoticed.

* REUTERS: Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok defended himself on Wednesday after coming under fire for saying multi-cultural societies could never be peaceful, and former colony Suriname was a “failed state” because of its diverse ethnic makeup.

“Give me an example of a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural society, where the indigenous population still live… where they live in a peaceful, societal union,” Blok told a gathering of Dutch employees of international organizations. “I don’t know of any.”

Someone in the audience suggested Surniame, a former Dutch colony on South America’s Atlantic northern coast populated mainly by the descendants of Asian indentured workers, African slaves and indigenous people.

“I admire your optimism,” he replied. “Suriname is a failed state and that is very much linked to its ethnic composition.”

* Santa Monica is nowhere as bad in the feces department as San Francisco at present. In general, the SMPD seems to be keeping down the homeless numbers to the usual, which have been rising in the rest of SoCal ever since voters decided to vote a vast pile of money to Solve the Homeless Problem, which immediately made it worse as people from outside California rushed in for some sun and handouts. But Santa Monica has had 40 years of experience dealing with opportunists who like to camp out in the ultra-mild climate, unlike more inland parts of SoCal, such as Anaheim.

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