‘Jewish Lessons For Gentile Survival in a Diverse World’

A friend writes: Based on what I have seen of your videos, you were born to make a parnassa out of lecturing the goyim on how to survive in this world. You could be making many, many times what you will ever make off of youtube (which, at this point, may not be saying much).

“Jewish Lessons For Gentile Survival in a Diverse World”

“We Jews do it. And so can you.”
“Jewish Business Ethics For Asians”
“The Goyella’s Guide to Working in a Jewish Home”
The latter would be a short book of course, in Spanish.
You could offer a certificate in Jewish Domestic Studies for the gentile wishing to work for a generous Jew.
“What Every Shiksa Actress Hopeful Needs to Know About Judaism”
“How to Date the Jewish Millionaire”
All I ask is a cut of the action.

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