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Ricky Vaughn floundered hopelessly after the election, it was sad to watch. The Twitter crackdown meant he was never able to fully rebuild his following there, tragically resulting in him spending far too much time in the echo chambers of Gab which skewed his view of what was important.

For some inexplicable reason he thought it was crucial that he win over the fringe lunatics, rather than trying to MAGA-fy the center ground of US politics. He started appearing frequently on podcasts, and even created his own series, he spent hours trying to convince the fringe to drop their neetsoc idiocy and unite with the populist nationalist cause. Naturally this was a complete failure. All he did was waste time and create enemies: impulsive, unhinged ones at that.

The final blow to his internet career occurred when he recorded a podcast with Pman from MPC about the weakness of white identity as a unifying principle, and the underlying reasons why broken, isolated people are attracted to extremist political ideologies. It was an interesting discussion, but the morons on Gab read the podcast title and description, and lost their minds. Soon after he was doxxed. There might be a lesson to be learned in all of this.


I listened to the first 1/2 hour of the latest TDS to hear what’s up with the lawsuit dismissal. There wasn’t much detail, sounds like they don’t expect it to be re-filed. Golf clap to Enoch for getting off the hook and being back up on the level of those of us who didn’t get sued in the first place.

My other takeaway was that Sven apparently F5’s this thread religiously. He was very butthurt that people here were unsympathetic to Enoch and they spent quite a bit of time whining about it.

They also do the usual thing of feigning ignorance about why we soured on them (“Why are they so butthurt even though we’re basically on the same side? I guess they’re just jealous of how relevant and awesome we are”). Sven I know you read this thread, so here you go for the 10th time:

– You threw a childish blackpilled tantrum on Trump in early 2016 and multiple times since even though Trumpist populism is the obvious way forward for right wing politics even if you’re a white nationalist

– You instead embraced obvious losers and idiots like Heimbach, Cantwell, Spencer, and Herr Doktor David Duke

– You are mentally fragile people who unironically lose your s**t because Trump didn’t explicitly call for white nationalism in his SOTU speech

– You were a big part of Charlottesville, which was a predictable disaster that literally forced the President of the United States to go on TV and put you on a level with antifa

– Your forums are (were) an unreadable Stormfront clone where people like Ricky (pbuh) would get dogpiled by 16yo NEETs for arguing (with the patience of Job) that all-racism-all-the-time isn’t actually a constructive path forward

– Most of all, all you ever do is whine about Jews and white victimhood

Honestly though my impression is that MPC has lost interest in TRS. This thread is mostly dormant these days.

* I find it hard to maintain my concentration with Trump-Russia conspiracy theories and the Mueller probe. They strike me as outlandish.

* Richard Spencer tweets: “Anglo-Saxons were once the American ruling class. We are now a dispossessed elite–symbolized by the fact that the establishment’s inner sanctum, #SCOTUS, is Jewish and Catholic. I do seek broader European unity; though I do lament my people’s decline, I take responsibility for it. The WASP death was both suicide and murder.”

* TRUMP’S BREXIT BLAST: I told May how to do Brexit but she wrecked it — the US trade deal is off, says Donald Trump

* FBI agent clashes with GOP at hearing on Russia probe

* NPR: Religion, The Supreme Court And Why It Matters

* Is white nationalism nihilism? As opposed to French nationalism, English nationalism, Japanese nationalism.

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