Ethno-Nationalism Vs Civic Nationalism

I moderate this debate:

From MSU:

Ethnic nationalism

1. Nationhood is defined by language, religion, customs & traditions

2. According to ethnic nationalists,

–it is not the state that creates the nation but

the nation that creates the state

–The glue that holds people together is

–Not shared political rights

–but pre-existing ethnic characteristics

3. European ethnic nationalism

is exemplified by Germany’s reaction to Napoleon’s invasion in 1806

–And Germany’s “Romantic” reaction against

the French ideal of the nation-state

4. The German ideal of ethnic nationalism appealed to the peoples

of 19th century Europe who were under imperial domination

–Poles & Baltic peoples under the Russian Empire

–Serbs under Turkish rule (Ottoman Empire)

–Croats under the Habsburgs (Austro-Hungarian Empire)

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