Alt Right Torah – Parasha Pinchas (Num. 25-30)

Wikipedia: “Pinchas…is the 41st weekly Torah portion (פָּרָשָׁה‬, parashah) in the annual Jewish cycle of Torah reading and the eighth in the Book of Numbers. It tells of Pinchas’ killing of a couple, ending a plague, and of the daughters of Zelophehad’s successful plea for land rights.”

* Rabbinic commentator Kli Yachar places the blame on Israel for consorting with Moabite women, not on the Moabite women. The Israelites prostituted themselves to the Moabite chicks. If a man has an affair, it is not usually the case that a naked woman knocked on his door. He pursued somebody. (Dennis Prager)

* The Moabite women brought the Israelite men over to worship the Moabite gods because they believed more strongly in their gods than the Israelites believe in their God.

* The Jewish tradition considers moral threats more serious than other threats. Thus, the Torah antipathy to Midianites is stronger than it is to the Egyptians.

* There’s a big difference between public and private sin.

* The only reason we know Pinchas did the right thing was that God announced that.

* JF loses patience with Emily Youcis, mutes her, before deleting the stream:

Emily keeps talking about nuking Africa. JF: “No, you can’t keep saying the n-word. You can’t keep talking about nuking various countries for fun.”

Emily: “I really tried, JF.”

Emily was texting during the stream because she was so frustrated.

* The feel good crowd who don’t care about building anything and accomplishing anything, but only want to act out against the rules and get banned because it feels heroic vs those (JF, Frame Game) creating change by working within the rules.

* My stay in your lane advice primarily applies to addicts aka those who habitually have bad judgment. Such advisement is unnecessary for the healthy.

* Are people who abide by Youtube’s rules part of the status quo? Not necessarily. America’s free speech status quo, for example, was overthrown by people such as the ADL working within the rules.

* All those women who set down rules on their partner not to publicly associate with the Alt Right — were they wrong?

* Steve Sailer writes: “It would be interesting to see an objective evaluation of what Presidential skills Trump has proven adept at and where he has proven weakest. Comments?”

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